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I had a really hard time deciding between this icon and the WTF Keira Face

So I heard this song on Pandora and the chorus got stuck in my head, so finally I went to iTunes and bought it. (By the way--if you buy a song on your phone, how do you get it over to the iTunes on your computer? Because I'd really like for the sync process to not erase it.) So I'm sort of head-tossing and shoulder-dancing along with it while I'm writing in my journal like the thirteen-year-old I so entirely am. You know, as you do. The lyrics were a bit creepy in an obsessive/submissive way--

Yesterday I heard your voice
Whispering through all the noise
I pretended I couldn't hear you
But you kept on pursuing me
And you began to move in me
And I just couldn't hide any more
I won't fight you

Go ahead
Take what you want to
Take what you need to
Don't let me hold you back

--but I hear the kids like that kind of thing these days, BELLA, so okay. And you know how people use "God" in a non-religious way, to be emphatic? Like, "God, I'm so crazy about you!" Yeah. So there was the line "God, I trust you." And then there was "God, I was so wrong/ To stay away so long/ Oh, how I need you!" And I was kind of like... wait.

@cleolinda I hate that moment when you're rocking out like a dork and then you go, "Wait... is this Christian rock?"

@cleolinda I mean, no offense, but you've got your sultry face on and it's... a song about God. Awkward. SO UNSPEAKABLY AWKWARD.

count_01 @cleolinda Oh, yeah. Hence, the Love or Worship? twitter game, wherein we tweet lyrics and try to guess...

@cleolinda @count_01 "You began to move in me."

@count_01 @cleolinda *shudder* I'm assuming that's worship.

@cleolinda @count_01 Well, I just realized FIVE MINUTES AGO that it is!

@cleolinda @count_01 "Go ahead, do what you have to, cause I want to know you." BIBLICALLY.

@count_01 @cleolinda That's up there on the tough-o-meter for "Love or Worship?" (assuming this is another Worship example tho)

@cleolinda @count_01 It's the same song! Fireflight, "Go Ahead." I heard it on Pandora and it got stuck in my head! I didn't KNOW!

@count_01 @cleolinda Remarkably interchangeable imagery, that. Salaciously interchangeable, even.

@count_01 @cleolinda Does actually sound fairly rockin'. Which is...a little disturbing. Because I somehow expect sacred songs to come from Bach.

@count_01 @cleolinda ...who was of course, infamous for composing past midnight, loudly, while hammered off his ass.

@count_01 @cleolinda So basically I guess it's entirely all right to rock out for the Lord. Bach did it. And he was DRUNK.

@cleolinda @count_01 See, I just wanna be real clear that we're rockin' for the Lord *before* I get all sexyface about it.

The last week or so has been jam-packed with Do Not Want, so I'm going to link you to all of it so that everyone else, in turn, can stop sending the links to me.

Sugar Daddy Ken. This is absolutely a real Mattel product. They claim the dog's name is Sugar, and thus Ken is "Sugar's daddy," but I think we all know what's going on here. Also: They AGED the Ken's face. I didn't even know you could DO THAT.

A closer look at/review of Sparkle Ken. I think Sugar Daddy Ken might be interested in this.

The Succu-Dry. Not safe for work or, I suspect, penises. That said, the combination of wordplay and vulgarity has resulted in the most magnificent product name I have ever seen.

The Panties. Not safe for brains. Do not click this link. I am so incredibly serious. Do not click this, you have so much to live for. But I have to post it so people will stop sending it to me. Yes, it's worse than Bella's Felted Womb. It will destroy your faith in whatever deity you do or do not believe in. Let us never speak of this again.

And finally, in a revival of our beloved Uwe Boll Slot: Uwe Boll. Darfur. Actual rape victims. I don't see how this could possibly go wrong!

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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