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I went on another photo safari (this seems to be a new Saturday morning tradition), this time at Hobby Lobby, a terrifyingly huge artsy-craftsy emporium. (The reason the photo safaris happen on Twitter is because you can take a picture on your phone and email it straight to TwitPic from there, which then appears automatically on your Twitter feed.) I mean, I spent fifteen minutes in that thing and I am ready to craft THE SHIT out of something. You take TLE there, he'll think he's died (again) and gone to heaven. Note on photos: we did not even get into any of the vertical aisles at the store. This is simply the shallow end of the pool.

@cleolinda Hobby Lobby photo safari, y/n?

@cleolinda - Our new tree skirt (green)

@cleolinda - REESE'S TREES!!

@cleolinda RT @merveille: @cleolinda I believe you mean Reese's Treeses.

@cleolinda - Feather trees?

@cleolinda RT @particle_person: @cleolinda "Plucked from the feather trees of northern Alabama, where they had until recently been taxed by the Grinch of those parts."

@cleolinda - Icy wreath, we may get this

@cleolinda - FABULOUS

@cleolinda - Stay gold

@cleolinda - Ornament emporium

@cleolinda - Santa Cullen's ride

@cleolinda - Diving helmet?

@cleolinda - I love the flower toppers

@cleolinda - Sparkle tree, yours for $39.99

@cleolinda - $249.99, pre-frosted

@cleolinda - Organic hand-picked plumes

@cleolinda - A Delia's exploded in the flower aisle

@cleolinda - I love flowers, even fake ones

@cleolinda - Blue flowers, so natural

@cleolinda - Wrapping paper on sale!

@cleolinda - MOAR PAPERS

And then, returning to the uncrafting world:

@cleolinda Just passed a Peruvian surf and turf restaurant...?

@cleolinda - My grandmother's clock

@cleolinda - Grandma's Easter tree (a bit out of season)

@cleolinda Hmmm, pickup notice at the post office.

@cleolinda - My package

@cleolinda omg, this package is epic. (Mostly it pertains to TLB.)

Hee, and exactly a month from my birthday, too. And one of the items was, coincidentally, something I desperately needed. Thanks, wombatgirl !

As a side note, I must issue a correction regarding...

@cleolinda "Edward Prefers Cougars":

@cleolinda I find it sad that the immediate source of my disgust is, "Did you even READ the books?"

... as I was reminded by several people that Edward's favorite food is mountain lion. So I concede the pun.


@cleolinda RT @foresthouse: New LJ Entry: Copyright and Fair Use: UR DOIN' IT WRONG (And How To Do It Right) @cleolinda

@cleolinda RT @ebertchicago: We have never seen Juliette Binoche like this before. Never.

@cleolinda RT @moijojojo @cleolinda Could you pimp #thefandomgivesback auction, to benefit @alexslemonade?

Also: alliancesjr's continuing attempts to read Twilight for himself. I think it's taken him a month to get to chapter four. Now you know why I tried to take that bullet for you guys.

And then, the dogs this morning:

@cleolinda - Shelby wants to rumble

@cleolinda - Sam is not impressed

@cleolinda - Look, I don't know, she crazy

Back to work. Apparently the best part of the movie (minus John Cusack's best line) is online completely legally. Enjoy.

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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