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Okay, problem: I am trying to move music from my computer to the iPhone (and vice versa, now that I think about it), and I'm not finding a way to do so without just doing a blanket sync. The problem with this is that I have music on the phone that I don't want to get wiped and would, in fact, like to transfer to the computer, but I also have music on the computer that I'd like to move to the phone. (Moving recently purchased music was not a problem. We are talking about music that iTunes does not recognize as purchased because it wasn't purchased from them.)

The thing is, I have moved music both ways before on the other computer, so I'm confused because I'm not seeing similar options on my setup. The help section did mention something about only being able to do whatever on one computer--if that's the problem, is there a way to, I don't know, "revoke" the doingness from the other computer and tell iTunes that Lizzie is the one computer my phone needs to sync with?


ETA: YAY! EphPod/CopyTrans turned out to be a snap.

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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