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A couple of things

Let's take a look at the Cosmo Bedside Astrologer, shall we? Because I spent a good hour this morning snickering over this.

@cleolinda: Heh, Cosmo's 2010 Bedside Astrologer supplement. Always entertaining in a "This is so not a life I will ever lead" way.

@cleolinda: - All of this is going to happen. I totally believe it.
"Under energetic Jupiter, you're not ready for the holiday-party season to end. On the 20th, organize a night out with a competitive edge, like bowling." Sexy bowling.

Also, "solo sex" is recommended for April.

(Just April?)

@cleolinda - NO, COSMO

@PhurieDae: @cleolinda Sorry, all I can see on that horoscope spread is Superintimate Octopus.

@cleolinda: Apparently my "spiciest" match would be a Leo, like... Daniel Radcliffe. COSMO, Y U DO THIS?

@cleolinda: My "sweetest" would be an Aries, like... Hayden Christensen. I give up.

@count_01: @cleolinda At first, it was all right, you're a Potter fan. Now a pattern emerges, and you sound like more of a creepy pedo/cougar.

@cleolinda: @count_01 Okay, first off, no, it was NEVER all right. Not Harry Potter! I reviewed the first movie when I was 22 and he was A BABY.

He's all yours, Libras.

@cleolinda: - Interestingly, I'm a Virgo ascendant.
I have to admit, "Your Guilty Pleasure: Being a Bad Girl" made me laugh, because "getting a huge kick out of shocking friends with occasional naughty exploits" is not too far off "being mostly prim on the internet, except for really filthy jokes now and then, just to keep people on their toes."

@cleolinda: I do like how the Virgo one is specifically like, "He has to be able to fix your PC." WHERE WERE YOU DURING THE COMPOCALYPSE.

Secondly, I feel like we need to have a little linkspam.

Exclusive: The villain's song from Disney's 'THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG.'

The Snow Queen is One of Disney's Next Hand-Drawn Films.

Peter Jackson Provides an Interesting Update on 'Temeraire.'

'The Lovely Bones': Hitchcock Meets Dali In Purgatory. 

EXCLUSIVE: Here's What Ryan Reynolds Wants From A 'Deadpool' Trailer.

First Teaser Poster for 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse.' (It's a hi-res version of the one I posted a couple of weeks ago. YEAH, I PAID FOR THE TWILIGHT TRACKER iPHONE APP, BITE ME. Believe me, you can't hate me anymore than I hate myself.)

"There is a fiercely protective immortal hero who longs for your heart AND HIS NAME IS JESUS."

New NECA figures! 1) The Littlest Jasper is portrayed in the throes of Mad Hair Disease. 2) The Littlest Jacob is freakishly lifelike. For real. It's kind of disturbing. 3) WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE EDWARD. SERIOUSLY. They HAVE a perfectly decent likeness on file! (This would be their... third Edward figure now, I think? Not counting Edward 1.2, Sunglasses Edward?) For those of you who did not see the movie, the little shirt rip is to represent the hole in his soul now that Bella is dead ("dead") or something, whatever. Look, go catch up. Also: "SPARKLE MOTION!" I can't tell if that's a joke or a feature--oh my God, I literally just now noticed this--they're listed as "Edward" and "Sparkle Edward"! It IS a feature! As are crossed eyes. PAINT MORE BETTER, NECA. OH MY GOD. I don't think The Shelf will be able to handle any of this.

ETA: Tonner Bella is selling out and NEW MOON TONNER BELLA WILL BE OUT SOON. And yet, I STILL HAVE NO ALICE.

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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