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A little night spam

YAYS, my Aromaleigh samples came in!

As previously mentioned, this is my (early) birthday present to myself. I got a ton of similar colors for the express purpose of trying them out side by side, to figure out which one(s) I like best--at $1 a sample, I figure I'm good for it. I have very deep-set eyes, so I can't wear terribly dark colors; I'm mostly looking at softer, lighter shades. After some deliberation, I have decided that I am neither a cool nor a warm, but rather a neutral, and I think I might actually try some of their foundation powders next. I've had better luck with Bare Escentuals (also a loose mineral makeup) than with other powder or liquid foundations, but it's still not quite as invisible-feeling as I'd like, and, again: one dollar per sample at Aromaleigh. Even an entire container would be cheaper than Bare Escentuals. It's worth trying.

(All of my heterosexual male readers just ran off to chug beer or headbutt each other like frightened deer or something.)

I think I'm down to Wish ("A peachy golden pink with slight iridescence") or Aurora ("A pinky-beige plush matte base scattered with tiny shimmers of blue and pink. Fit for a princess." I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE) at this point. Hell, if I'm going to bed anyway, I might as well just do each eyelid a different color.

As for the three lipstick samples, I think I will start with Nuance, and then maybe the Rosewood blush.


Oh, and I still need to do photo tests of their three Twilight powders for you. FOR SCIENCE. After which I will probably break into a Twilight Merchandise Curse rash. (...What? How do you think I got The Littlest Edward to sparkle?) OH OH I HAVE MORE TWILIGHT CANDY TO TRY because I am fearless. And apparently suicidal.

I'm still getting used to Lizzie's touchpad mouse, but I think we can have a little more linkspam.

Cate Blanchett And Hugo Weaving Round Out Returning 'Lord Of The Rings' Cast Members In 'The Hobbit.'

'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' Movie Trailer; New Photos From 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice.' And... it's not what you're expecting. It involves Nicolas Cage and the Chrysler Building, for one.

First Poster and Official Image for Disney's 'Tron Legacy.'

Jessie Cave Talks Fenrir Attack Scene for Deathly Hallows; Tom Felton: No Confirmation Yet on Aging for Deathly Hallows Epilogue; CNN: Harry Potter Actors Reflect, Look Forward to Life Post Deathly Hallows.

Universal's Wolfman has nards, nabs an R rating! Dear Literal Man of My Actual Dreams: I am totes free on Valentine's weekend if you wanna go see a werewolf movie. WOLFMAN WOLFMAN WOLFMAN!!!

@cleolinda: RT @cinematical: This Just In: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will hit IMAX screens as well as conventional theaters on June 30th, 2010.

@AurRhudd: @cleolinda That is quite possibly the most terrifying thing I've heard in days.

@cleolinda: @AurRhudd You know, I first saw that and went, "Oh, yeah, well, obviously, of course it would WAIT WHAT?"

@cleolinda: I can't quite formulate my thoughts on this. 50-foot tall shirtless werewolves? Will it also be in 3D? Will I, in fact, lose an eye?

@cleolinda: And you know they'll go back and re-run the first two in IMAX as well. It's diabolical.

@cleolinda: Oh God, can you imagine how obvious the actors' contacts will be when they're 50 feet tall? RETHINK THIS.

Rachel Weisz On 'Unbound Captives' Co-star Robert Pattinson: 'He Is The Vampire, Right?' 

@FakeAPStylebook: Scientists are always "baffled," never "intrigued," "curious," or "not giving a shit about this Bigfoot evidence."

Yahoo Movies Exclusive: The Chipettes sing 'Single Ladies' in a clip from 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.' WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

(Zomg e-book! The Annotated Movies in Fifteen Minutes: Wizards!)

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