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A few time-sensitive things

Very tired--like, "sleepy" tired, not "verge of a nervous breakdown" tired. Maybe it's just because there's been a lot of holiday-related running-around lately, which is fun. And I've been eating out more, which means I'm drinking soda, which means I'm getting more caffeine than I should, which means I'm not sleeping very well at night. All I know is, a friend called yesterday and thought something was seriously wrong, because I sounded completely out of it. I woke up a bit late and didn't take my meds on time this morning, so now I have a headache, etc., which I'm hoping will go away by the time I go out to the Christmas swap party tonight. Speaking of which, I am still trying to find my boots (just short black boots to wear under my jeans, nothing huge), because I would really like to wear those. Also, I have very nearly talked myself into wearing a dark blue top with crocheted sleeves that are a bit... princessy. Eh, I will claim they are "festive."

First, a few Avatar links, since that's what the last entry was about. And thanks for such a civil and thoughtful discussion over on the Avatar entry. It took 360 comments for someone hostile to finally show up and inform me that I am a prejudiced, touchy-feely liberal. After the all-time high of cleoloindaisgay, this was a fairly disappointing flame.

James Cameron Reveals His Quest to Build More Perfect CGI Boobs. Unfortunately, I read this before I saw the movie, so I spent the whole thing staring at Neytiri's goods, curious to see if such a paradox as a CGI nip slip could possibly occur. 

EW on Avatar: Does story matter? "Titanic is Shakespeare compared to Avatar." ICE BURRRRRRN.

James Cameron Planning 'Avatar' Trilogy, Director Tells MTV News. Yeah, I told you.

‘Avatar’ could get nine Oscar nominations. I don't know if I'm just more mature mellow as a person now than I was circa Titanic, but I think I would manage not to claw my eyes out if it won something huge. I don't know--maybe my Zoe Saldana love is helping me hold on.

The "Moff's Law" link going around: RT @ebertchicago To people who say "Just enjoy! Don't analyze!" This speaks eloquently for me:

Meanwhile (alert alert alert): today's 50% off sale at Aromaleigh is the Eye Lustres section (read: the one where all the shades have girls' names). I'd gotten several samples from that section, and so far I like most of them a lot (Isabella just did not work with my coloring, so I gave it to Sister Girl, and she promptly tried it on and liked it, so I may have another convert on my hands). So now that the full containers are going for like $3... I kind of went and bought six of them. On the spur of the moment. At one in the morning. I felt a little profligate, is what I'm saying. And it felt GOOD. Anyway. Chloe and Amelie look really cute together (you can blend in Amelie to tone down the brightness of Chloe). Cosette and Olivia are both really pretty (one's more rose; the other's a "coppery sunset" color), and they work well (together or separately) with a lighter color like Sophie. Circe is a really, really beautiful warm, soft, light brown, and goes well with Teddy Wisp (which is darker and browner in person than it looks) from another collection. (Luster, also from another collection, is another good, light go-to shade to pair with other colors.) Fiona is a great highligher to use at the corners of your eyes or right under the brow, and you can use it to tone down whatever else you've put on not that I was in a hurry yesterday morning and put on too much Teddy Wisp, no, why do you ask. So those are the six colors I got containers of--Fiona, Amelie, Olivia, Cosette, Circe and Sophie, since I've been using those samples a lot. I wish now that I'd gotten a Chloe as well, but my sample will hold out for a while. I've got another round of samples coming in, darker colors this time, so I don't want to load up on full containers until I've really tested a bunch out and decided which ones I like best, but--come on, at $3 each for colors I know work well on me, I couldn't afford to not buy those.

(I will add, the shadows are a bit sheer, so they're not that bright when you first put them on. You can apply more to get a deeper color, but you can put it on as lightly as you want, so they're more wearable than some of them (like Chloe) look. The samples are also 50% off, by the way. No, I do not get paid to shill for Aromaleigh.)

(As a side note, my birthday gift-card purchases have come in from Sephora, and right now I'm trying the little Benefit kit. I was looking at the Lemon-Aid concealer thinking, Eyelid discoloration? Who has that? And then I went and looked in the mirror and was all, Oh. That discoloration. So that stuff actually works pretty well.)

Speaking of color: Colorstrology. Something about birthdays and colors and Pantone sponsorship, I don't know, but it's interesting. December's color is Pagoda Blue, and the 14th turned out to be Green-Blue Slate: "Complex, quick-witted, expressive." "You are expressive and funny and people like it when you entertain them" in particular made me laugh. DANCE, HUMOR MONKEY!

Speaking of which, I am so behind on Secret Life. Oh God. The Christmas/catchup installment looks like it's going to be in three parts now. Dammit.

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