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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Because there's a lot of stress around here
Peoples of the internet! Bring unto me the After Christmas Sales. I hear Lush has a huge one?

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Oh, man. This post was made for stalking. I've been dying to know where all the good sales were.

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Macys and Sephora are both having big ones!

Thumbs up for the Sephora $10 sets.

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I spent $28 online and got 6 bath bombs, 2 melts, a soap and a massage bar. But lots of stuff is sold out already - you really had to jump on it right away on the 26th. Your best shot now is in-stores.

I love LUSH but since it's so spendy it's reserved for gift cards and the usual ridiculous post-holiday sales.

Villainess is doing 20% off seasonal items.

Barnes and Nobles is giving EVERYONE Member's pricing with a lot of things on clearance.


definitely going tomorrow, thanks!

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Pray tell, what is the VV BJ line???

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On December 26, Lush had a buy one soap, get two free deal that I found very exciting - I've wanted to try them for ages but between their catalog being huge and their stuff in general being kind of expensive I never really bothered. But I finally crumbled and now I can't wait for it all to arrive. I might be a girl after all.

Barnes & Noble's website is offering their member price to non-members "for a limited time," which came in pretty handy when I did some post-Christmas Christmas shopping (what? Trying to coordinate overseas shipping at Christmastime is like trying to calculate a lunar landing; it's better to wait until after and then your recipient can have Christmas: The Sequel) on Saturday.

Ooooh, my first entry-tracking. My pocketbook does not thank you.

Also, my aromaleigh samples came in today, and you neglected to tell us that, if you order samples, you *also* get samples of other things! So I have like, ten wee bags of color in my room to experiment with. I don't even know what body part some of them go on!


Heh. When in doubt, try the eyelids.

I'm rather annoyed that everything on the Canada Lush site is practically sold out - I think I'm going to be taking a trip down to the actual snow tomorrow to hunt for Snowshowers.

We need a separate post for Canuckian deal. SRSLY.

Have you ever checked out naughtycodes.com? It's all the discount and sale codes for online retailers. It's a pretty comprehensive database.

There's also retailmenot.com

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Which is why my very poor bottom stayed at least a mile from their (tough, given that it's fairly close to the family home) all through the holidays.

Cause I've been known to blow whole paychecks at the half price.

Yeah, I was at Lush today, and got 15 bath bombs and paid for 5. It's only the holiday stuff, but there was a good amount of the holiday stuff that was still there, and the Mr. Butterball is just like the regular Butterball, my favorite bath bomb, but it's bigger and cheaper. I got six of those, and am now wishing that I had gotten more.

Barnes and Noble is pretty decent.

Um. If you need calendars, they're 50% off at Barnes & Noble.

Oh! Have you tried Villainess Soaps? (Villainess.net - never .com! Don't do .com!) Their Black Label items are all 20% off right now. (Also, something I'm super-excited about, they're going to be collaborating with BPAL sometime very soon! On the BPAL forums, we know for sure there's going to be a Dorian soap, and likely a Snake Oil soap, but the others are anyone's guess.. I'm totally setting some money aside for the update, though, because I'm going to need one of everything, man. Villainess and BPAL - combined, they shall break my wallet..) Also, it's not discounted, but if you like Possets, Villainess just put up their seasonal Gingerbread Whorehouse collaboration (in scrub and moisturizer)! Which I'm soooo getting. It looks brilliant.

Target was doing some cheap prices on cosmetics (nail polishes in particular were pretty cheap), and a bunch of their DVDs were on sale.