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Snow: let me explain it
jadis - pimpin' ain't easy
The thing you have to understand about snow panic in Alabama is that it's not about the snow. Mostly, it's about us not being prepared for snow; a meager two inches is considered an epic blizzard. It's also about the side effects of snow--I live in a heavily-wooded suburban area full of giant, beautiful, old trees. Very old trees. And they all have dead branches here and there hanging on by a shred of bark, so when you have just enough snow to weigh them down, they break off and fall onto the power lines. Or worse, the entire tree is mostly dead and it falls across the road or onto (and usually through) your house. There was one Epic Two-Inch Snow that ended up with a three-foot-thick, forty-foot-long pine lying across our street (and in what used to be someone's sun room), while live power lines were sparking in the road. In fact, my mother reported last night that, as she was driving home, she saw a number of official-looking trucks on the side of the road, presumably stationed for speedy tree removal.

It's also about the ice. None of us know how to drive on it, because we don't get it often enough to figure out how and then retain that knowledge. One time there was a Special News Report on Safe Winter Weather Driving, and I am serious, it was, in its entirety, "Drive slow." And now, over to Jim with the sports! So basically, entire schools, businesses, and highways will be shut down for safety reasons while all of Chicago points and laughs. I am not even kidding: my sister may not be able to get to work on Friday--

Oh God. I just realized that if we are all iced in together for the next four days, a remake of The Shining is going to break out.

While we're here, a teensy bit of Twi-spam, because I am getting a lot of email about this, and also, I enjoy the progression of the headlines:

Attn. Jackson Rathbone: Missing something?

'Eclipse' Script Wasn't Leaked, Says Summit. 

Nikki Finke: Yes, That Leaked Movie Script Is 'Eclipse.' 

1. I don't want to read it. I'm to a point where I don't even watch clips of movies I know I want to see anymore. I get so bored in the theater if I feel like I've already seen the movie. 2. I suspect the wink emoticon in the script (as seen at the first link) is forced product-placement sarcasm from screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. 3. My dazzle is somewhat chagrined that (people tell me) the werewolf-vampire nose-fist bump is not in this version of the script, because, quite honestly, the Edward/Seth stuff is the only thing I find remotely likeable about Book!Edward. Also: COME ON! WEREWOLF-VAMPIRE NOSE-FIST BUMP! If there is anything funnier than that, I can't think of it right now.

Meanwhile, I am trying to work--I got a good bit of novel note-sorting and categorizing done yesterday--but am having a hell of a time. Lots of interruptions, and I can't concentrate for shit. Also, my new calendars (50% off!) came in from Amazon yesterday, but without the books I had bought for research, and then I realized I had forgotten to order a couple of other researchy things anyway, fnarr. Also-also, I bought another pair of fingerless gloves because I was concerned that my homemade recycled ones were fraying a bit from being worn so much, and I am really hoping they arrive before the cold snap is over. This is Alabama, after all.

OH OH OH I ALMOST FORGOT I have two questions to ask you:

1) How do we get e-books from my stepfather's Kindle onto my parents' computer? They can't figure out how.

2) Those identity protection/theft-prevention services, are any of them actually any good?

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Where I work, we're expected to brave the snow and get in and take pictures of the campus covered in the white stuff. Because it doesn't often snow in Tennessee. So we go into snow panic. And I have to drive in it. And trudge through it. So the school can have pictures for Christmas cards.

Re: Kindle: hook it up via the USB cable, and it should show up as a separate device. The books are all in the 'documents' folder.

If the question is how to read books in Amazon format on the PC, you can download the Kindle for PC and register it as one of his devices.


I just hope, if that was Jacksper's doing, they don't send him the way of Rachelle LeFevre, because I will throw an epic shit fit if that happens.

It's his revenge for the atrocious wigs they keep putting him in.

I like him best, too.

If you hook the Kindle to the computer via USB port, you should be able to look at all the files stored on the Kindle and just drag and drop them onto the desktop or wherever.

Well, we get snow in the British Isles most years, and we still have snow panic. Every year. We are constantly surprised that snow happens and therefore there is year after year of chaos and panic because...well I don't know quite why.

It's less understandable than Alabama Snow Panic, and even more point-and-laugh worthy. -sigh-

This year has been pretty bad, admittedly... but I imagine the Canadians are laughing at us so hard.

We're up to about 9 inches in the north east? My car is totally snowed in, but luckily I can walk to work.

I live in Minnesota, where nothing closes unless the governor closes it, and he's busy planning his run for president. We're supposed to have -35 windchills tomorrow, which will result in... a colder commute.

I'm currently in Minnesota, too, and today it felt warmer. I checked the temperature, and that's because it got all the way to 0! WHOOHOO!

Though to be fair, we can't really have any snow-related closures when it's too cold to snow.

(Deleted comment)
This. I went to Kroger to grab some milk and Morningstar Farms sausages and OMFG the parking lot was full and the aisle with canned goods was completely clogged with carts and frantic people. It cracks me up a little.

Signed, West Tennessean.

I assure you: nobody in Chicago knows how to drive in the snow either.

(Okay that's not completely truthful, but you'd think everyone was brainswapped with people from Alabama every year when it snows for the first time.)

(Deleted comment)
Snooooooow! I'm in Pa where it snows alot, and believe me snow panic hits each and every time, no matter how "prepared" the cities think they are. And, even getting practice driving in/on ice doesn't help people. I refuse to drive on icy streets if I don't absolutely have to. I also refuse to be caught in a grocery store the day before, day of, first day out after a snowstorm. People think they need to stock/restock for the end of the world. Its funny, but annoying.

I so agree about the preparedness. We don't get snow that often in England for us to be geared up for it or again to know how to drive on icy roads.

In Canada where I grew up we had snow tires and drivers gained the knowledge of how to negotiate in all kinds of snow and ice.

Correction: in Southern England.

Those of us who live alongside the Pennines or higher feel very superior at times like this.

oh... and in case you haven't seen this...

i mean, really?!?!?! like every girl who owns their very own sparklepire has not "enhanced" it already?!?!? hahaha...

Re: ha. hahah. hahahah.

I'm still not sure why they didn't stick with the Littlest Edward face sculpt. That thing is especially hideous.

Thank God I'm not the only one who's chagrined that the nose-fist-bump is missing. I was unexpectedly touched by that in the book (...actually, it might have been the only thing in the book I actually liked, lol). Screenwriters, what are you thinking?

Oh Jackson, you poor bastard. I really hope that is a fake. Here in Indy we're expecting about 5 to 8 inches from tonight through Friday, and people are already planning to skip work tomorrow. Jeez, people. Now, if I can't get out of my driveway by Friday AM, then yeah, I'l call in. But preemptive vacation is a bit of a stretch, even for me, and I'm a big wuss about snow.

I am going downtown tomorrow, getting tipsy and finally seeing New Moon. I am only going to be there for belated moral support and the Rathbone.

Edited at 2010-01-06 06:13 pm (UTC)

He does have a couple of good lines/cute moments, I give you that. Sadly, neither of them have anything to do with his big scene, and that's the one where his hair is the worst. Poor bb.

(Deleted comment)
I lived in Indy for 10 years, and not once did it ever seem ready to deal with snow. I'll never forget coming back to IN from the west, about 12 hours behind a major storm--Iowa roads were cleared, Illinois roads were cleared, but as soon as we crossed the state line into Indiana, the interstate was nothing but rutted ice. Took me 3 hours to go 70 miles!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)