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So. I'm not dead. I'm actually reading American Gods at the moment (well, not this moment; I'm taking a break for lunch) as a quick palate-cleanser before I head into my last week of papers and finals. Also, I got my official STD certificate and pin in the mail today. (Hee hee hee. Snerk.)

I'm also working on Black Ribbon--I ended up going through chapter four and putting all my ducks scenes in a row and making notes of what was lacking. I've also been structuring the next three volumes/books/serials/whatever you want to call them--the next one will be "Danse Macabre," and I'm thinking the third one may be "The Fatalist." V. exciting. For me, I mean, because this is the part I like best--the initial drafting/creating phase. Anyway, I feel a lot more comfortable trying to pull the first volume together knowing where I want to take the next three.

Oh, and I have four new Misfits icons relating to The One Wank to Rule Them All. Want/take/have, as is my usual policy.


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