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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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msauvage purple

Man, the dogs are going to be bored out of their minds cooped up inside today.

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They don't get to play outside? Dogs love snow!

Well, Sam's getting older and doesn't need to get too cold, and Shelby has hip dysplasia. (Scout's a heffa, he can handle it.) Once it's finished snowing, they'll get to go out for a few minutes.

I just got done shovelling off my sidewalk. Good lord, it's ridiculously snowy outside.

Yeah, my two dogs are going crazy. I live in Dublin and we have... maybe an inch of snow? But it's -4degrees celsius, and we're all freezing our asses off. Literally, buses aren't running, shops/businesses/my college are closing early because of a little bit of ice.

We don't get ice, much, either...

Try being just outside Dublin, there was freezing fog for the whole day today.It felt very morbid. I haven't seen many people walking their dogs and there are a lot of dogs out here...

Funny you say that, my mom just reported to me that 2 of my dogs are playing like idiots out in the snow right now. They looooovveeee it. Granted it's two 2 year-old high energy herding dogs. haha. And I'm in the Chicago suburbs, so we get snow A LOT. *points and laughs at the South*


Well, they like the snow, but the cold's not good for Shelby and Sam.

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Snow is very high on the DNW list. We are living in a ground level apartment and the managers here do the plowing around 6am. We hear EVERY SCRAPE...and we live in a corner apt, so we get ALL the joy.

I want spring. Now.

Snowmaggedon is upon us here in Central Ohio as well. They're calling for 4-6 inches and everyone is (as I mentioned yesterday) running around screaming "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!"

LOL I'm there too, and I am LMAO at the panic. I grew up closer to Wheeling, WV, more in the hills, so I just laugh every time they freak out at the Snowpocalypse. "OH MY GOD THE GROUND IS WET WE HAVE TO GET MILK AND BREAD!!" LOL

Ha, I just walked outside and got hit in the face with a gust of flurries.

I'm hoping that any serious snow holds off until after class so I can go home.

Also, I've given Twilight a shot. From what little I've read, it isn't too bad.

Edward is pissing me off something serious, which I guess was to be expected. Bella has her good moments, specifically when she calls Edward out on some of his bullshit. But those moments don't last very long.

Oh how I wish it was snowing here. It's just bitterly cold. :/

Take pictures! :)

My dog has more fuzz than fur so he can't take the low temps either. He's about ready to hang himself out of boredom.

I was kind of curious about dogs and snow. I'm in Florida and even when it's 40 or so my Black Lab seems to be freezing to the point of balling up in a grumpy little heat-ball at times. I was tempted to buy him something to the effect of a jacket, but ..that seemed ridiculous? lol

I'm from southern California, so the only snow I see is faaaar off on top of the mountains. But dogs here will get awfully cold and grumpy during winter. You know that old saying, it's not the heat, it's the humidity that'll kill you? Well, with cold, it's not (as much) the temperature, as the damp. Florida and California both have damp cold, which gets right down into your bones.

And while I do think clothes on dogs is ridiculous 99% of the time, if he's actually that cold than it might actually not be the worst idea to get him a sweater or something, or at least a nice blanket to cover him with when he does his chilly dog impression (and yes, I am thoroughly ashamed of myself for that one).

Is it actually sticking where you are? Cause here in Huntsville, its melting as soon as it hits the ground. Makes me very sad...

It's above freezing, so it's not sticking. At the same time, it's not supposed to really come in until this afternoon/evening.

We've already gotten a couple inches thus far in the 'burbs of Chicago. It's stopped snowing, but I think we're suppose to get more before the day is done. It's the good packing stuff too.

Still waiting for it here near Atlanta...

Hee! That's awesome.

My parents, who are from Indiana, now live in Palm Coast, FL and are FREAKING OUT at the cold right now. Didn't take long to lose their hardy winterness, that's for sure. Then again, if my heat pump only got the house to 64, I might be a bit pissed off, too.