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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Good thing I have those gloves
yahoo winter
So all the snow was supposed to come yesterday, and it was nice and swirly but the temperature was above freezing so it didn't stick, and it was kind of lame and nothing really happened.

Then I looked up from my computer this morning sometime after 8 am, and we've got a minor blizzard going.

Snowfari 2010, featuring Scout and Shelby:

Taken from the front porch with my actual camera, as opposed to my phone (you can see the huge flakes in the full-sized pictures):


Scout and Shelby, who have not seen snow in a year, are perplexed. (Sam is inside; I took him out front on his leash for afterwards.)


If you look closely, you can see the wind blowing in their little faces.


Shelby tries to pick a fight. (Eh, bored now.)


I tried to get a picture of how thick and fast the snow was flying at my face, but it didn't really work:

It was really fun standing out there with the wind and the snow and the swirling fluffiness, though. If it gets more interesting--enough to actually scrape together a snowball--I'll go back out.


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I took the golden retriever that my dad & step-mum owns out for a walk today, and my eyed don't thank me for that point where snowflakes got into my eye and sat on top of my contact and burned.

Although it was amusing to see him frolic.

...Your road is gritted...*isjealous*
Your dogs are very cute! They look like they don't know what to do.
Fog is setting in here (again) so it's white on the ground and in the air!

As a Canadian, I have to giggle at posts like these. I was actually expecting a minor blizzard when I clicked through for photos. ;)

Ditto! My dog would be so disappointed if that's all the snow she was getting. When she was younger she'd drop her head as far down into the snow as she could and then start running, like a furry snowplow.

Yeah, she's weird.

I do not think it is at all fair that Alabama got more snow than Arkansas did. We were supposed to have snow Wednesday/Thursday, but there wasn't a single snowflake -- not even ice! And you have all that beautiful fluffy snow! I'm jealous.

It started to snow a bit last night where I am (me: "It's snowing." my friend: "You have GOT to be kidding me.") but it didn't stick. Thanks for the pics!

That's about all the blizzard we got here in Atlanta too. Of course, that's fine with me. Snow=DO NOT WANT. That's exactly why I live in Georgia, moderate temperature, no snow!

I took my dog out yesterday (a 16 month old German Shepherd who has never seen snow)and she just kind of looked at it and went "meh" and went about her business. She has, however, LOVED the cold. The top of her outside water dish keeps freezing over and my boys will get it out. She carries that ice around like a frisbee and has the best time, running & slinging it around and playing keep-a-way.

GIVE ME YOUR SNOW! As someone in the middle of a heatwave (our third in twelve months; the last one was in November), SNOW WOULD BE GOOD RIGHT NOW.

I'm from San Diego. It hasn't snowed here since 1968. =(

Me, too. It's what? 70 degrees outside? (Haven't checked today.)

I honestly don't miss snow. I miss RAIN. And green. That's probably what annoyed me the most on the first reading of Twilight. How can someplace be "too green?"

Does Sam like the snow? Our pom loves to roll around in it and dive into snow piles until his little feet get too cold.

I let him out, and he hiked on the nearest planter and ran back in. It might be different if we actually had a fluffy snowbank.


The snow is right outside both of my doors. The balcony doors I'll accept but my main door? I'm on the second floor and the snow is up on my landing. My neighbors have no snow anywhere on their steps or landing, I'm rather jealous of them at the moment.

Plus, I walk to work, yesterday was my first day of walking in the snow without boots of any kind. My ankles and the inside of my shoes did not stay dry. I get to go back out for four hours again tonight. I hope that after cleaning off my stairs the snow doesn't try and attack me or my stairs.

Your neighbourhood is really pretty with the red houses and the hill.

I live in California.
It's was a really big deal for us that it snowed a few weeks ago. And, like, layered an inch on the ground (until about ten in the morning, then it melted). Because that hadn't happened here since the crazy 70s.
I kind of wish we could have one day of this snow, just to experience it.

Snow is also a Major Deal where I live in Oregon. We had a cold snap in the beginning of December when it dropped down to the teens for most of the week, but it was so dry, there wasn't even any frost on the cars in the mornings. We had snow last year (maybe a few inches?) and they closed the university where I work and we were all prepared to come in later if necessary or go home if it looked too nasty.

Mostly we just get rain, rain, and more rain. I'd like to live in a snowy area, but I'm terrified of falling and hate walking on ice.

Awww, our old dog loved to play in the snow. *sniff* When I was watching the snow fall outside yesterday, I realized just how much I missed him.