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Remember when I used to do this?

A bit of movie news for you all:

From Roger Ebert: Eric Rohmer, 89, wise humanist, RIP. One of the founders of the French New Wave.

Spider Man 4 Scrapped; Tobey Maguire & Sam Raimi & Cast Out; Franchise Reboot Planned; Sony Rebooting Spider-Man in 2012! So... by "reboot," do you mean do the origin story and kill Uncle Ben off all over again? Because I'm sure audiences will sit through that all over again less than ten years later, and--when did the last one come out? Like, five minutes ago?

That said, the scramble in Young Hollywood to grab the newly-vacated roles will be something to see.

(Malkovich confirms Vulture role in Spider-Man 4. Yeah... about that...)

James McAvoy Shoots Down 'The Hobbit' And Ian Fleming Biopic Rumors. 

Stuart Townsend Ditches 'Thor' Over "Creative Differences."

@cleolinda: RT @hollywoodcrush: 'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer Reportedly Against Splitting 'Breaking Dawn' Into Two Films

@cleolinda: @Cleolinda Reportedly Against Any 'Breaking Dawn' Film Being Unleashed Upon A Defenseless World
I thought it was Stephenie Meyer's insistence in the first place that Breaking Dawn had to be two movies just like Deathly Hallows omg, so I don't know what's going on here. All I have to say is--you keep on fighting that good fight if it keeps this movie from happening. Seriously. I don't think my embarrassment quick can take it.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn could start shooting this fall, with a Renesmee who may end up "being a full CG creation, but it also may be a human shot on a soundstage that then is used to shrink down." I just--I can't even articulate how I feel about this, except it involves a lot of "Uncanny Valley, oh God" and "Somehow, James Cameron is responsible for this and must pay for his crimes" and "do not want do not want DO NOT WANT."

Rumors of Taylor Lautner's demise somewhat incorrect. Not that I'd blame him for trying to fake his own death at this point.

(Someone asked me if it was true. Without even having to do any fact-checking, I replied that it couldn't be, because Twitter and ONTD would be on fire.)

Via maudelynn: Woman Married To Fat, Emotionally Distant Vampire Escapes Into 'Twilight' Novels. The second photo caption is where I fell over.

Meanwhile, any time I feel cranky (LIKE RIGHT NOW), I go back and look at Twilight retold in lolcats. I know it's old (even the sequel is a bit old by now), but the "I AM HATES U (fer some reason)" pic and the reaction shot right after "I luvs u" kill me. What kind of cat is that, anyway? ETA: Pallas cat! So much want.

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