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So today was my grandmother's 86th birthday, and while we're having a family thing for her on Sunday, my mother, Sister Girl and I went over to have lunch with her today, just because. (Speaking of my sister--oh, who had the link to this? The Pattinson Doppelgänger has apparently since been sighted in Texas.) On the way over (my mother was in a separate car, coming over from work), we decided that we are going be in a metal band. As you do. Well, technically, since it's just the two of us, we're doing to be a metal duo.

"All I know is that it all just sounds like DUHNUHNUHNUHNUH, DUHNUHNUHNUHNUH!" This sounds somewhat Beavis-esque, if that helps you any.

"See, no, the vocals are always like [deep breath] HWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!" (My sister knows more about metal than I do.) "We've got to have a really nasty name," she says. "All the names are really gross. Like Rancid."

I thought back to the Grey's Anatomy DVDs she's been watching this week. "Hematoma? Subdural Hematoma?"

"Nah, that's the name of our first single." She thinks for a moment. "They had one with something about a blowhole. That's totally our name."

"Blowhole Emission?"


"So--we're going to be--an acapella metal duo--called--Blowhole Emission--"

We were laughing so hard that she missed the turn on the way to Grandma's house.

My mother got there about twenty seconds before we did, and she's standing in the driveway with cake. "Where's Lauren?"

My sister, who has tears in her eyes and is wheezing slightly, looks back over at her car, doesn't see me, and starts laughing again. "I think she's--lying down in the road--"

"--I'm heeeeeeeeeere--"

"What are you two laughing about?"

I wave my hand weakly. "It's a really, really long story."



So we had a really nice lunch with our grandmother--we also brought her yellow begonias and a Whitman's sampler (box of chocolates), because she likes those. And a really, really dense carrot cake from Pastry Arts that was... really, really dense. That's... what I'll say about it. Again, we're doing something more pulled-together for her on Sunday. (Also, I just remembered that the Golden Globes are that night, and that I usually, oh, liveblog those. Well, at least it'll be easier with Lizzie this year.) And then Sister Girl and I went home, and she turned on Grey's Anatomy again, and I went back to reorganizing my Black Ribbon research.



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