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Awesome updates on the Haiti podathon:

Some of the prize donations I was not at liberty to reveal yesterday:

@leaky: JK Rowling has donated a set of signed books for the Haiti drive...details to come!

@melissaanelli: Also... signed Neil Gaiman book!!!

The latter is a signed copy of A Harlequin Valentine, which I don't think has been mentioned anywhere else, so: EXCLUSIVE. This in addition to the five copies of a signed/personalized Unseen Academicals that Sir Terry Pratchett is donating, as mentioned yesterday, and some prizes from The Guild folks, although I have no idea yet what they are. Oh, and at least one signed copy of the Movies in Fifteen Minutes paperback, which is wayyyyyyyy down there on the squee! scale, but it's there nonetheless. And, as I will mention again: a lightsaber. You can totally win a lightsaber.

(This came together really fast, so a few things haven't quite shaken out, and not all the prize donors are listed yet; they're in the process of updating the scrolly widget. But, I mean, I personally managed not to have a panic attack and die contacted some of them, so I know for a fact that we have some really great people chipping in. You'll love it, I promise.)

ETA: This isn't up yet, but Peter David is also donating "Tigerheart, which is a Peter Pan pastiche, and a GN of the Sir Apropos of Nothing comic series." Yay and thanks!

And on USA Weekend: Harry Potter fans unite to help Haiti. 
I do want to give people credit, though--it's not just Harry Potter fandom doing this, although it's hosted on a Harry Potter fansite; and this isn't THE fandom fundraiser. A fandom donation war between ontd_startrek and ontd_ai  raised $17,002 and $20,863, respectively. Misha Collins from Supernatural rounded up his Twitter minions and raised $26,251. And then on top of that, there's the help_haiti fanwork auction community. So fandom as a whole has been really, really great through this whole thing, and the LiveJournal fan comms have done themselves proud.

Meanwhile, tonight: Who You Might Get on the Phone if You Donate to "Hope for Haiti Now." Short answer: Everyone in Hollywood. Long answer: Read more...Collapse )

I also have some regular linkspam--really good linkspam--but I think it should wait for its own entry.

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