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Hope for Haiti #3

I'm getting behind on my typing, as I always do, but they just had a very emotional, wrenching earthquake survivor from Haiti itself and I kind of don't know how to summarize that, except that it ended with "Help my family" on the verge of tears.

So... here's Taylor Swift. You don't have to put me out on the ice floe just yet! This one's also really nice, I might buy it.

@wonderella: It took a horrifying natural disaster but Taylor Swift finally got to finish something onstage #187799HAITI

Video footage from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and so on. I looked a way for a bit. I don't know if that makes me cowardly as a person or discreet as a blogger.

Here's Nicole Kidman talking about a survivor named Jeannette, who "came out singing," which is a testament to the human spirit. Also, if the phones are busy, "please keep trying." I half wanted her to say, "and if you keep calling because you want to get Zac Efron, please stop trying. NO, ROBERT PATTINSON IS NOT TAKING CALLS."

Christina Aguilera performing now. I really do like her new bob. I'm seriously to a point where I don't know what to say. Everything's either too awful or too trivial.

Celebrity Phone Bank. Julia Roberts is talking to a caller who has boys aged eight and four: "Aw, that's fantastic... I was just talking to my husband last night, about all those little kids..." She looks like she just rolled out of bed, which I actually respect, because it would be kind of crappy to show up all sequined and made up.  

I'm sorry, Anderson, I can't watch them dig out a crushed little girl with their one shovel. I just can't. ("I believed I would live. I wasn't scared at all.")

Yeah, that's Spielberg on the phone bank. Jack Nicholson is, in fact, there, in sunglasses with red lenses. There's Robin Williams as well, and I think I saw Emily Blunt. O hai, it's Robert Pattinson in a heavy beard, the better to get in and out of this studio alive. He talks about the technology--Facebook and Twitter and so on--that has enabled people to connect and save lives and get rescued. He is kind enough not to mention that it is this same technology that has enabled fangirls to hunt him from coast to coast. TAKE THE TWIHARDS' MONEY, RPATTZ. TAKE IT FOR HAITI. TAKE IT ALL.

Sting jams for a bit. It's good to hear something a bit cheerful.

Oh God, it's Clint Eastwood, and his squint is on eleven. Matt Damon's talking and he's just GLARING at him. I really don't think he can make any other expression at this point. His mike also doesn't work. Live television, ladies and gentlemen. Right now, we are taking a moment to remember our fallen peacekeepers. Would I go to hell if I said, "Clint's already had his moment of silence"? Yeah... that's what I thought.

You can watch this live at, by the way, and I will be using their chat as a cheat sheet--what the hell? That's Beyonce? She's got bangs down to her nose and I did not recognize her at all. I am assuming this song is called "Halo."

We're hearing a call from a female Presbyterian minister: "Hi, this is Steven Spielberg!" "Hi, Steven Spielberg!" "How have you been feeling, watching all this?" Wow, this is a really long phone call. I'm guessing that someone realized this would be a good caller to air.

President God Morgan Freeman is here to talk about the poem "Tomorrow's Toussaint." I mean, I think that's what he said. It's a lovely poem. I just can't type fast enough. I will never take a commercial break for granted again.

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