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Hope for Haiti #4
msauvage purple
Sheryl Crow, I have never been so glad to see you. Kid Rock, I have never been glad to... you know what, I'll restrain myself. It's for the kids, y'all. Also: Keith Urban. An acoustic "Lean on Me," and it's surprisingly nice.

Back to Anderson, who starts introducing himself, then stops for about twenty seconds, and starts over. Live TV, y'all. He has a young girl here who got rescued after eighteen hours under the rubble; she only seems to speak French, and Anderson... does not. He manages to get out "très jolie" and "très brave." "She is strong, and she looks beautiful."

"Ever since Hillary and I took a delayed honeymoon to Haiti years ago..." Well. Unexpected Bill Clinton is unexpected. I  mean, I know he's the Special Envoy and all, but... wow. I just went back in time to 1992.

Hey, this kinda sounds like the first couple of notes of "Like a Prayer," that's kind of awkward due to that video back in the day but it's a really great song in its original non-video context, it was always one of my favorites, they've got a choir and everything, I wonder who's gonna HOLY SHIT IT'S ACTUAL MADONNA? FOR REAL? THE CAMERA ACTUALLY STAGGERS AND NEARLY FALLS OVER. I KNOW, RIGHT? WE SHOULD JUST TOTALLY END THE SHOW NOW.

@txvoodoo: Anything you put a choir behind automatically is 1000x better.

And now... Ben Stiller. Yeah. Well, no one could follow Madonna.

I missed a bit in there due to a phone call. No, I mean a phone call to me, not to the Celebrity Phone Bank. Now: "Hallelujah," as sung by a bunch of guys in beards and damn incognito hats. I mean, I can tell that Justin Timberlake's on piano, but WHO ELSE IS PERFORMING? DAMMIT, CLOONEY! I'll PAY FOR THE CHYRONS!

@wonderella: How cold is it in this studio that everyone is dressing like Eminem?#187799HAITI

Okay, I'm hearing that the other guy is Matt Morris, and he's on JT's label. There you go. I want to see more of that guy.

Chris Rock with Muhammad Ali (seated), who wrote down a few words and asked Rock to read them. And then I got another phone call. what I heard was very touching, so... go find it on YouTube or something.

Here's Jennifer Hudson with "Let It Be." I'm proud that I recognized her, although the super-short hair gave me a moment of pause. She looks fantastic, by the way.

Anderson Cooper's back with an update on the story Halle Berry was telling us at the beginning of the show; he is here tonight and "seemingly healthy," and he's here with Gabriella, the nurse who helped to save him. I'm going to hit post and get right back to you. 

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Oh goodness if they keep it up with the little kids I'm going to be calling in. And god help me if Pierce Brosnan answers the phone because I will probably donate the entire content of my bank account because that man could make me do anything.

Also also, imagine how much money he could make if all this was just a three hour auction of RPattz? BILLIONS I'm telling you, Billions.

Unexpected Bill Clinton was Unexpected, I agree.

I was blogging when he came on, and I kinda went what? Also, I thought Ben Stiller was that one guy off of SVU, not the main guy, but the other one.

...yeah, I'm not good with names.

Richard Belzer, you mean?

Wow...Bono and Rhianna's voices do not quite mix harmoniously, but the past three musical performances have been quite beautiful.

I'm proud that I recognized the Roots performing with Jennifer Hudson, and before seeing Questlove even. Honestly, I only know the Roots from Jimmy Fallon's show, but they're awesome there. Plus, I rather enjoyed the rendition of "Let It Be," which is a bonus.

You described exactly what happened in my head when Like a Prayer started. Word for word.

Three things from the trivial category:

1) Brad Pitt's beard is an entity unto itself. It moves. It's SUPER WEIRD AND UNNECESSARY.

2) Drew Barrymore looks like she is a genuinely happy person. She's always smiling and it's awesome.

3) Daniel Craig just did this offhand run his fingers through his flowing locks thing that was entertainingly sexy and actorish.


In only slight fan-y embarrassment I will admit that I was watching the Actor Zoo* on MTV.com and not the broadcast. It wasn't airing on my coast yet! Which- btw-- weird, right? The phones wouldn't be open anymore. In conclusion, Daniel Craig is damn fine.

*the footage of all the talent on phones, talking to each other, spacing out, etc with no specific audio- and yet I found it kind of fascinating.

Madonna gets my vote for performance of the night.

(Bono, however, does NOT. You do NOT let Jay-Z upstage you like that. Charity event or not. BOO.)

see, and I felt the exact reverse. It's the only time I've ever heard her sing unenhanced and I was ... not impressed.

Personally, the "Hallelujah" got me. But it's my all-time favorite song.

My biggest thing was that Madonna was the only one who had some sort of 'upbeat' performance. Yes, I know it's a fundraiser for charity, but Live Aid was always rockin'. This should be more about raising spirits AND aid. After all, there are clips of the Haitians singing joyous songs about live and survival, and they are the ones currently in this mess of a tragedy.

related tidbit: Matt Morris and JT are fellow former mouseketeers ;)

YES! I loved Matt Morris so, so much on the Mickey Mouse Club. I'm glad he's successfulish now. :D


1)Drew Barrymore beckoned and George Clooney came. That's power right there.

2)Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman just switched phones and there's something very cute about that.

Well, admittedly, if Drew Barrymore beckoned I'd... well, er, nevermind that. *cough*

(Sorry. Off-color waterfowl is off-color.)

I just laughed in a very Butthead (of the illustrious Beavis and Butthead) type manner.

I got a shoutout!


I'm assuming the Madonna bit was in NY, my daughter goes to school with that really tall girl at the back of that choir.

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