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Hope for Haiti #5
msauvage purple
My sweet God almighty, what is that on Brad Pitt's face. It's like he took Robert Pattinson's beard as a personal challenge or something. "Sparkles ain't got BEADS!"  

People! Stop calling me! People are telling me now that that last performance was Emeline Michel. I missed a good bit of it, sadly.

Tom Hanks is here to tell us about a survivor who went searching for his family, and spent three hours digging his mother out with his bare hands while she cried, "Don't let me die!" I just... I don't know, y'all. I kind of just want to copy-paste "hopeforhaitinow.org" over and over for two pages.

It's Rihanna! I love Rihanna! I feel guilty for feeling pleased. Hey, wait, is that... it's a bit odd to see Rihanna and Bono backing up Jay-Z, but there you are. You know, I would love to see just Rihanna with U2, honestly. Although I will say, if this biggest band in the world thing doesn't work out for Bono, he's got a great career ahead of him as a backup singer.

Celebrity Phone Bank. Stevie Wonder: "Thank you so much... Believe it. Have a good weekend."

Here's Julia Roberts, liberated from the phone bank, telling us about a woman named Daphne who dug with her bare hands for her baby, and then a rescue team appeared to pull away the large slabs of concrete, good Lord, and they saved him.

Dave Matthews and Neil Young, who looks a bit... grim. I mean, like... Eastwood grim. In the middle of this, however, I'm hearing that Jean Simmons has passed away. Completely unrelated, but sad nonetheless.

After a Denzel Washington bit, Wyclef Jean is back. He interrupts his song with, "ENOUGH! LET'S REBUILD HAITI!" and they take it up a few notches. I really wish they had a live audience here for this. Wow, is it already nine? That's a good note to go out on.

Although, seriously, NBC, you could WAIT THIRTY MORE SECONDS to swoop in with the Dateline intro. DAMN.

So, in conclusion: Hope for Haiti Now.

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Oh now, NOW they're sticking astons up to tell us who they are.

Although I will say, if this biggest band in the world thing doesn't work out for Bono, he's got a great career ahead of him as a backup singer.

NOBODY puts Bono on backup.

Have you seen "It Might Get Loud"?

Not yet...I want to rent it as soon as I get a new dvd player. (my son broke ours. joy.)

I'm super psyched to see not only Edge, but Robert Plant. *mini squee*

Yes, he is in it a wee bit, but since it is Jimmy Page they are focusing on, they mostly show him. There are parts that made me very sad, growing up in Belfast, and living in Dublin in college. I think my husband always knew what I grew up around, but seeing how many bombings, there were, and how big, in this doc. really brought it home for him,

Y'know who are fabulous backup singers? David Crosby and Graham Nash. Man, they can backup ANYBODY.

It's Like Bono's mic wasn't even on! Couldn't even hear him over Ms. Rih. I did like the Madonna & Choir as well. I especially liked when she was so still clapping that she came in late with "...a mystery". [life is a]

The telethon was overall well done, considering the inherent awkwardness that lies within such a contrast (as you described). I think the celebrity participation increases Awareness and Responsibility, and if it raises funds which are then used appropriately, then it's a good thing.

Brad Pitt's beard frightened me.

And...somehow I MISSED back-up singer Bono? WOE.

I don't know if you've already heard, but news pertinent to Haiti relief and BPAL:

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is sending proceeds from all January sales of the following scents to the Red Cross: Port-Au-Prince, Elegba, Obatala, Ochosi, Ogun, Olokun, Osun, Oya, Shango, and Yemaya.

Black Phoenix Trading Post is sending proceeds from all January sales of their general catalogue bath oils to UNICEF.


Somehow I read "Jean Simmons" as "Gene Simmons," which REALLY would have been an unrelated note. Luckily, i clicked the link and realized my mistake.

I tried to comment last night when LJ went kablooey. I was going to say, after reading of Jean Simmons's death, I no longer had the heart to snark over Brad's beard beads. (Wasn't watching the telethon, but I've seen them before.)

R.I.P. to a beautiful, brilliant lady.

Thanks for the liveblog and...

I completely missed the broadcast because, it being my berfday and all... well, I was occupied. I did catch several updates via twitter and was a little shocked at the dissonance, which you've totally explained. Thanks.
For anyone wondering, btw, about fundraising/non-profits, etc. If you google Charity ratings, you'll find a bunch of sites that can point you in the right direction. I recommend checking at least 3 or 4 different rating sites, because different criteria may be used or the same criteria weighed differently. (i.e., effectiveness vs. overhead. If an org is supremely effective in their goals, I'm less likely to care if the exec. director makes 500k a year. Why? Because they're GETTING IT DONE. Conversely, if the director makes 30k a year, but they're pointless in GETTING IT DONE, I have no time for that.) I'm in non-profit fundraising, so I'll tell ya that it's hard, people are brokety-broke-broke and fundraising expenses are up for ALL orgs in the last 18 months. (Thank you, Wall Street.) Really glad when awareness gets raised, but I'd like to point out that need is usually long-term. Think about Haiti 6 months from now, or New Orleans, NOW. (Sorry for length, but just wanted to do one comment for the whole shebang.) Great Job, Ms. Jones. :)

Re: Thanks for the liveblog and...

Thanks! (Happy birthday!) I believe this was to benefit Partners in Health, which has been one of the most popular charities for this disaster because they were already in Haiti and they're still going to be there after this is over. People who mentioned it in the comments when the earthquake first happened said it was a really good organization, so I tended to favor them over, say, the Red Cross.

Re: Thanks for the liveblog and...

Thank you,(weekend birthdays = Yay!) PIH has a good reputation. Yele has had some questions that have struck me as tabloid-mentality vs. fact, I just thought putting the info on rating sites might be a piece of useful general information. :) Have fun w SAG liveblog. Glad to see tweet that you got some sleep. :)

I liked how Jay-Z kept looking at Bono kind of nervously, like, "We did not rehearse this number, so I don't know what this crazy Irish mofo is gonna do next!"

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