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Transitioning from one event to another

So. The HP Alliance podathon for Haiti is still going, I think; at the end of the last hour they had Evanna Lynch (Luna) and Matt Lewis (Neville) on--in fact, as of this writing, I think he's still on. Also, Tom Felton (Draco) is apparently donating a guitar. What I'm hearing is that the donations will keep going until the 30th, and I think a few of the prizes haven't even been listed yet. Also, I'm hearing something about Matt Lewis following you on Twitter for two weeks if you donate $50, but don't quote me on that. The last I heard, they had just hit $30,000.

Please also bear in mind that, because it's a raffle system, not an auction--as I'm understanding it--a full boxed Harry Potter book set signed by JK Rowling is basically going for $100. That's how little it takes to be eligible to win something that awesome. You do have to donate specifically "for" a given item to be entered for it, though.  Look at the prizes page, you'll see what I mean. I'm down in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are going to start up in about fifteen minutes, and I'll be liveblogging those, having had a good nap.

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