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Transitioning from one event to another
msauvage purple
So. The HP Alliance podathon for Haiti is still going, I think; at the end of the last hour they had Evanna Lynch (Luna) and Matt Lewis (Neville) on--in fact, as of this writing, I think he's still on. Also, Tom Felton (Draco) is apparently donating a guitar. What I'm hearing is that the donations will keep going until the 30th, and I think a few of the prizes haven't even been listed yet. Also, I'm hearing something about Matt Lewis following you on Twitter for two weeks if you donate $50, but don't quote me on that. The last I heard, they had just hit $30,000.



Please also bear in mind that, because it's a raffle system, not an auction--as I'm understanding it--a full boxed Harry Potter book set signed by JK Rowling is basically going for $100. That's how little it takes to be eligible to win something that awesome. You do have to donate specifically "for" a given item to be entered for it, though.  Look at the prizes page, you'll see what I mean. I'm down in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are going to start up in about fifteen minutes, and I'll be liveblogging those, having had a good nap.

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You missed it. They JUST thanked you and Emily as, like, the top two helper-outters. :)

AW SHIT, FOR REAL. NARRRR. Why I miss it. : (

Edited at 2010-01-24 12:55 am (UTC)

YOU MISSED IT? Melissa thanked us on the live stream. Aw. :)

P.S. my twitter round-up

It's all streaming in a constant loop at LiveStream if you want to listen - I think it was in the last 45 minutes?


I wonder if RDJ will be on SAG ?? hmmm.

MOAR icons of people I *heart*

I don't have any Ioan icons. Hrm. This shall have to be remedied.

But first: SHOWER!

This is just a little something, but I went into my paypal account and found I had $80 I'd forgotten about so I donated $75 to Doctors Without Borders through eBay. There was a $2 admin charge (grumble) but still, easy to do and it used money that was just sitting there anyway.

We ended up at over $33,000 by the end of the telethon. Today, everyone has been sleeping two days of pretty much awake-time, so I don't know where we are now, but I've made a few side-bets that the total will be higher than help_haiti by the end of the week.

Thanks again for donating the book! Much appreciated!

Aw, yay. I'm going to try to keep spotlighting various prizes throughout the week, since there were so many awesome ones that I don't know that people saw them all.

I offered more than one copy of the book, by the way, but I don't know if that got lost in the communication crush or what.

Hey! I don't know if you donated and understand the donation/raffle system better now, but I have a question. My understanding going to donate was that if, say, I donated $30, I would be eligible to win all of the $30 prizes I wanted (as long as I clicked on each to put them in my cart and indicate my interest). However, when I did that, PayPal totalled everything so that I owed over $300.

So I figured, okay, the way they must be doing this is that you pay the price stated to be eligible for each lot (so if you wanted to be eligible for 5 prizes at $20 each, you would donate $100, not $20). So I settled on one item and donated the amount for that.

But I just want to make sure I'm not missing something. If it works the way I initially thought, I could be persuaded to donate again. Thanks for any clarity you can provide!

Yeah, I think you have to donate separately for each lot--$30 for one $30 lot, a separate $30 for a different $30 lot, and so on. That's how you enter yourself for that lot, I think.

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