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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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SAG Awards #1
yahoo oscars green
Wow, I am tired. Blogged the Haiti telethon last night, which was challenging in its awkwardness; got to bed later than I meant (because I'm C-H-A to the T-T-Y on the phone); and then ended up running around part of today. I confess, I took a substantial nap in the middle of the Helping Haiti Heal podathon, but they had Evanna Lynch and Matt Lewis, so I'm pretty sure my tweets weren't missed.

By the way, who the hell has a televised awards show on a Saturday night? You couldn't have done this tomorrow?

So traditionally we start off with the "I'm So-and-So, and I'm An Actor" speeches, and I always run around desperately trying to transcribe them, and it never works. (Ooo, Joan Allen looks great, and Tina Fey looks a lot better this time. Christina Applegate's dress is beautiful light blue color. There's Justin Timberlake, who was one of the Damn Incognito Hat guys on the telethon last night. I am... not sure about Anna Paquin's ensemble.) In sixth grade, John Krasinksi's first performance as Daddy Warbucks with hair was a firestorm of controversy. Edie Falco grew up in Hawaii and is now the leader of the free world... wait. Jeff Garland's IMDB Star Meter is up 8% this week. Sofia Vergara has "a crazy accent" (her words, not mine). Sherri Shepherd used to sleep outside Michael Jackson's house. I don't even know. Jeremy Irons is awesome. They're all actors. The end.

Justin Timberlake and his bow tie "welcome everyone to the party" (does this mean there is booze?OH YEAH Y'ALL I AM SEEING SOME TABLES); Kate Hudson is in long-sleeved, backless white. Male actor in a comedy! You know, sometimes I wonder how these clips get chosen. Tony Shalhoub splashing water in his eyes does not say "AWARD!" to me. Also? Charlie Sheen is nominated for a show with a laugh track, which finally made me realize how little these are actually being used nowadays. Alec Baldwin wins for 30 Rock and hugs another Baldwin on the way up--the cute one, it looks like. "I'm really happy to get an award from Justin Timberlake, but I'm really, really happy to get an award from Kate Hudson." He is very proud to be a member of this union (UNION! UNION!).

It's Diane Kruger in orange with Christoph Waltz! Don't like the color, but the dress is fab. Waltz goes to town on the word ensemble. Wow, this is a really in-depth explanation of Inglourious Basterds. They must really not be worried about going over time. Anyhoo! It's a clip! A montage without any dialogue! Well, maybe that's why we took a trip to the Department of Backstory, then.

Anna Paquin and Simon Baker. (I love her hair, but BOOBS. SHE HAS THEM AND THEY ARE THERE. It's impressive in a J. Lo kind of way.) Ooo, Toni Collette's dress looks awesome from waist up. Tina Fey bites into a breadstick (on purpose) as the camera turns to her, and has to put it down in a hurry when she wins. Wow, that dark blue that's maybe kind of purple looks great on her. "This is great! Every time they play [the theme song] my husband gets fifteen cents! I'd like to thank my acting teachers, because I actually did have some!" Also, she would just like to reassure NBC that "WE ARE VERY HAPPY." Commercials! The hitting of post!

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I laughed so hard when they panned to Tina Fey and she was eating. She's adorable. Plus, her dress looks so much better than the Globes one!

And, I'm super excited that you're liveblogging this.

Edited at 2010-01-24 01:17 am (UTC)

It's one of my favorite shows to blog because it's only two hours long and it's only actors (and their wacko outfits). Soooo much easier.

Oh, yeah, I can understand that. Plus, there's not a "host", which is a relief after the Globes.

You know how useless hosts are? I didn't even NOTICE there isn't a host.

Well, except for that one time John Stewart did the Oscars.

*nostalgic* I loved him. And so did (honestly) every Oscar-watching person I know, which is... perhaps not an representative sample of the Oscar-watching population, but it's still a fairly large variety of people--and they all loved him, so I don't know what the Academy is on that they won't invite him again. The ratings suck because the Oscars are getting predictable, Academy, give me my Jon Stewart!!!

But didn't he end up hosting it twice (not consecutively), or am I imagining that?

My mistake. He did host the ceremony a second time (I don't know why the two collided in my mind). Sorry, Academy.

Still. He should host it every other year. [/stubborn]

i cannot find this show on any channel. I am glad i have you.

I got Titanic on the TNT :(

Titanic was on before the SAG awards for me. Maybe it will start in an hour or two?

as long as I'm not missing any RDJ, i will be ok. Plus, I am now in possession of a champagne cocktail.

I'm pretty sure this falls under the category of "you watch this shit so I don't have to."

Thank you, Cleolinda, thank you.

I had all kinds of intentions of watching the SAGs but I've decided to crochet and periodically refresh your blog instead. THANKS CLEO! :D

So sad I missed the liveblogging for Haiti last night. I was out getting drunk. (Classy motherfucker that I am.)

Anyway, I read your liveblogs solely so I don't have to watch this shit and actually remember who wore what.

You do it for me. This is the kind of attention to detail I have come to expect with Cleolinda Industries.

Am annoyed at Australian TV.
It's on pay TV over here, and after waiting for the 2 hour Red Carpet show on E! to finish, they are now REPEATING the red carpet again!!!!
Never thought I'd be over designer dresses but arghhhh.....

WTF?! I didn't know this was on tonight!

Wow, that dark blue that's maybe kind of purple looks great on her.

Hah, I was thinking you'd like that one.

because I'm C-H-A to the T-T-Y on the phone

ME TOO. Well, that, and ranty, apparently. Heh.

not sure about Anna Paquin's ensemble

Please tell me she's at least not wearing Atrocious Shoes like at the GG.

Jeremy Irons is awesome.

This is truth.

I was excited when Tina Fey gave a shout-out to her drama teacher at UVa- we have a kickass drama department that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

Loved all the Union shoutouts too! Who was it that thanked the Teamsters? Love love.

I TOTES MISSED THIS BECAUSE IT WASN'T TOMORROW! *facepalm* This is exactly why all awards shows should be on Sundays, because most of them are. Globes, Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, you get it Screen Actors Guild?

Tony Shalhoub splashing water in his eyes does not say "AWARD!" to me.

AUGH OHMIGAWD ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!? THAT'S the scene they picked to show from the final season of "Monk"?? I mean -- okay, was he at the kitchen sink and standing next to Bitty Schram?? Was it that scene??? Because if that's the scene they chose, I do not understand. Shalhoub delivered the most powerful scenes the show has ever _done_ in Part Two of the series finale, and the clip they offer at the SAG Awards show is a mildly amusing moment from an episode in the middle of the season?? What the HELL!??!

(*pant, pant*)

Sorry, it's just ... GGOOOOORRRR. I am biased in favor of "Monk" to the absolute, granted -- but Shalhoub's acting in the final episode is _incredible_. The fact that he lost the SAG this year (and wasn't even ACKNOWLEDGED for the Globe) really bums me _out_. ARGH.

... I suppose part of the problem is that they keep insisting on putting "Monk" into the comedy category. It's a flat-out dramady in the funniest of moments, and there was nothing funny about the finale, at least not in those award-worthy scenes. SIGH.

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