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SAG Awards #2

Jane Lynch in midnight blue! Huge cheers! A wild yell from the back of the room! I don't even know. Let's have a montage about funny people, dancing around if possible ! Everyone loves a montage. I am starting to suspect that they could easily do this show in an hour if they wanted to.

Okay, we're like twenty minutes into this montage now. They could definitely do this in an hour.

Kyra Sedgwick (strapless white) and Ray Romano. Romano is complaining that their banter is straight and they need jokes. "Okay, so, if you divorced Kevin Bacon and married John Hamm... what would your name be?" "... Kyra Sedgwick." "Oh, well... yeah. Didn't think that through." Let's go back over this: the intended punchline was Kyra Bacon-Hamm and this was supposedly funny. I'm just saying. Best TV comedy ensemble! Glee wins. Jane Lynch is given the mic and they are all--okay, I'm not going to say "gleeful," because I am better than that.

Ladies and gentlemen! Gabourey Sidibe (dark blue) (I am already sensing a trend) and Mo'Nique (a pale color that might be pink, I can't be sure under stage lights)! This clip from Precious does have dialogue.

OH MY SWEET HELL HELEN MIRREN IS UNUSUALLY FIERCE. It's like a sparkly diamondy-looking gown and a shiny sheer like mantle thing I cannot even describe it because it is so fierce. If I can't corral my grey patch into a Rogue streak, I would at least like to be as awesome as Helen Mirren when I grow up. Best supporting actor in a movie! Christoph Waltz wins and everyone is happy, except maybe for Stanley Tucci, whose smile fades as the camera lingers on his face. I am probably reading too much into that. "A stage actor... acts on the stage. But a screen actor... does not act on the screen. A stage actor just walks onto the stage. The screen actor is... put on the screen... by the projectionist." I am hoping that maybe this speech made more sense in German. God bless. It gets better when he starts thanking people. And he thanks everyone! Including the projectionist! There you go.

O hai, there is Meryl Streep in a green-and-white kind of thing. CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!


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