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SAG Awards #3

Please welcome! Alec Baldwin and Felicity Huffman (in black. Are those cutouts? That's a lot of tiny cutouts). Baldwin reads his lines and then Huffman says, "You're gonna have to move that up, I can't see those liiiiines!" You know, like, "Tee hee! I'm not even going to pretend we're not reading from a TelePrompTer!" So she's standing there with a tipsy arm draped over him while he reads her lines as well. Damn, girl, somebody pre-gamed. Julianna Margulies wins for best dramatic actress (TV)! Yay! I like her. Mariska Hargitay out in the audience visibly says "WOW." Margulies is in a sort of black... velvet... something... with, like... three shoulder straps. I don't even know. She is exuberant and I love her. "My mother and father call me after every single episode! They have been so supportive of me and so proud of everything I... well, not Snakes on a Plane. They weren't so proud of that one." HA.

Please welcome! Jenna Fischer and Benjamin Bratt bring flutes of champagne onstage, as a nod to Ricky Gervais last weekend. "Jenna... these are prop drinks." "Oh... mine is real. Mine is very, very real." Best dramatic actor (TV)! WOOOOOs out in the audience for Michael C. Hall (was that a low cheer for Jon Hamm right as his clip started?). Hall and his cancer-surviving cap win (yes, that's what's going on with that).

Ladies and gentlemen! Carey Mulligan! In a much better-fitting dress than last weekend, kind of a reddish coral (under the stage lights; don't quote me on colors)! It's a clip from An Education. You know, we were talking about Clash of the Titans and how "TITANS WILL CLASH," its first tagline, was the height of laziness. So we started thinking of other Captain Obvious taglines, like, No Country for Old Men: FOR OLD MEN, NO COUNTRY. There Will Be Blood: BLOOD WILL BE THERE. And someone came up with An Education: SHE HAS ONE.

I... I just wanted to share that.

Please welcome! Christina Applegate and Chris O'Donnell! I stand by my approval of her dress, which is more of a powder blue now that I look at it now. Dramatic TV ensemble! Mad Men wins, to no one's surprise. We take an extra long time herding everyone, including children, onstage. SHOW US WHAT CHRISTINA HENDRICKS IS WEARING! Hm. Kind of red? It's not as bodacious as last weekend. What is, though?


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