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SAG Awards #5

Smirnoff hopes you will drink responsibly. Always have a designated TelePrompTer.

Ladies and gentlemen! Anna Kendrick (very nice strapless purple) and Stanley Tucci! Female actor in a television movie or miniseries! JOAN ALLEN IS SHOUTY. She looks fabulous out in the audience, I have to tell you. Drew Barrymore (great hair, can't see her dress, but I think it's... dark blue) laughs at her own clip. Oh hey, Sigourney Weaver is nominated! Well, obviously she's not here for Avatar, I should have thought about that. She also laughs at her own clip. Barrymore wins! Yup, it's dark blue. Strapless with kind of a... wait. I can't explain this--kind of a stiff sheer peplum-length overskirt thing, I don't even know, and then kind of a mermaid skirt under that, and... something. "I... I... um... again... I'm not used to this very much... um... um... um... improv is usually a good thing... it is backfiring me... it is backfiring on me right now." AW. She's trying to thank people, and "right now I feel really sick, and nervous, and that is a good thing, because I think when you feel this way you are on a good path, professionally." Bless.

Please welcome! Anthony Mackey, Brian "I Had to Check the IMDB for the Spelling of His Name" Geraghty and Jeremy Renner are here to present a clip from The Hurt Locker.

Please welcome! Michelle Monaghan and Jon Hamm. I don't care what you say, I really think she looks a lot like Liv Tyler. Also, her shiny one-armed dress is doing weird things to my eyes.  Best actor in a TV minimovieseries thing. Whoa, Kevin Kline did a recorded-live Cyrano on TV? Where was I for this? A big cheer for Kevin Bacon, who wins. "I hope that we are colleagues, not competitors..." Wow, that's really sweet, but... are you new? Jeremy Irons applauds beneficently from the audience.

Sigourney Weaver is here with the Death March of Deathly Death. I would yell at them all not to clap, but I think we all know it's hopeless. She also singles out a few of those lost--"A Golden Girl, one of the brightest Angels"--which I find kind of tacky, SHOW WRITERS. And so, because I have my laptop now and can actually face the TV, I have the list in its entirety: Natasha Richardson, Monte Hale, Henry Gibson, Betsy Blair, Robert Ginty, Ed McMahon, Philip Carey, Dom DeLuise, Brittany Murphy, Carl Ballantine, Ron Silver, Dennis Cole, John Quade, Richard Todd, Fred Travalena, Cheryl Holdridge, Joseph Wiseman, Arnold Stang, Gene Barry, Collin Wilcox Paxton, Farrah Fawcett (STOP CLAPPING!), Russ Conway, Soupy Sales, Gale Storm, Steven Gilborn, Lou Jacobi, Dick Durock, Michael Jackson (I won't even tell them to stop, it's pointless), Wayne Tippit, Harve Presnell, Alaina Reed-Hall, James Whitmore, Jim Hutchison, Karl Malden (cheers), Paul Burke, Edward Woodward, Frank Aletter, Bea Arthur (cheers), David Carradine, Jennifer Jones, Patrick Swayze (cheers), and we end with the shot of Swayze Going Into the Light at the end of Ghost. I don't know... that's a bit on the nose for me.

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