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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Tonner 2010 line
Where my Alice? : (




I'm still going through the list trying to figure out what's new. No Doctor Who/Torchwood, though.

(Johnny Depp Tonner Mad Hatter? I just... are we sure that's a good idea? Really?)

ETA: No picture, but there will be a Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. (Jessica Rabbit? Really?) Also: Power Girl and Deluxe Harley Quinn. Okay, here's the Tiana, at the end of these photos. Thanks, jabberwockpie.

ETA: "Velvet" and "metallic sleeves" makes me think the Arwen doll will come in this dress. What, no cloak?

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Dr. Who/Torchwood has been in the works for FAR TOO LONG!!

I give up. Tonner is like Jay Leno, and I am like Conan -- THEY HAVE STOLEN MY DREAM!

I am semi-joking, but I am bummed out that it seems like the Doctor Who line is never going to happen.

Johnny Depp Tonner Mad Hatter? I just... are we sure that's a good idea? Really?

Well since it's Johnny Depp in a Burton movie, he'll be playing the same character he did in all of their other movies. Same with Helena Bonham-Carter.

But as a DOLL? That will eat you in your sleep?

(Johnny Depp Tonner Mad Hatter? I just... are we sure that's a good idea? Really?)

I'm sure the answer is really obvious, but what's wrong with having a Johnny Depp doll?

Because it would be terrifying?

The lord of the rings ones made me squee! (Even if there are no actual pictures of them)

awwwww....no Alice yet....D'=

(Deleted comment)
I think it might be a good thing there's no Doctor Who yet, because I have no money, and I don't need to spend my lack of money on that.

Where is Alice? :( Fail, Tonner, fail!

And I still want an Eric Northman doll. :P

(--->I now have Prom Edward, Prom Bella, and Snape, thanks to you, Cleolinda. Snape is made of awesome.)

Oh yeah, seconding that Eric Northman doll.


OK, Depp Hatter would scare the crap out of me, but I really want to see the White Queen doll. :)

I think the White Queen will be amaaaaazing.

Is that Alice actually teacup sized?

(Deleted comment)
Love the Ellowyne in the red dress, though. I may finally end up buying one.

New LOTR! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

It is your fault that I own two Tonner dolls.



Stop showing me awesome things!

(Deleted comment)
You are so right! Unleashing a Johhny Depp doll would be TOO DANGEROUS!!!!

I mean, imagine the riots.

Now they have two Alice's I want - Re-Imagination and TB's. Although I'm a little frightened for Johnny as the Hatter. ...I'm not sure I'd want that one staring at me...

I also just had a thought dilemma...

I'm going to either upgrade my laptop or get a new one with tax money.. and I just realized I may have enough to get an Alice(iW) doll.

I think my head just exploded over what I want to do.


(Deleted comment)
Aaaaaaand I do. But I already know about that artist, yeah.