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So. I have been ridiculously useless this morning, but in a semi-useful way--does that make any sense? As in, doing anything but what I needed to do?

I've updated Short Attention Span Theater with several movie stories--and there's even a new picture from the Lemony Snicket movie (squee!). Also a new poster for Sky Captain, news on the Donnie Darko rerelease, an American Gothic movie, Hugh Jackman taking over for Brad Pitt in The Fountain, and Peter Jackson doing The Lovely Bones. I'm mentioning this mostly for the new folks, but also because I took a rare week completely off updating the blog (bad term papers! bad Crystalwank!), and wanted to point out that it's back in business. The Digest... well, we'll have to see. I have the mesmerism paper and antebellum reform literature exam to get through.

I also did a couple loads of laundry, added about ten new user pics, and started trying to catch up on my f-list reading. The sad thing is, it's not like I even have all that much I have to do today--just critique some children's lit manuscripts for workshop tonight. It's tomorrow that I have to get started on the mesmerism paper, and even then, I think that'll be the earliest I've started a paper (two days in advance) in years.

I don't want to work. :(



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