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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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lost by frodosgoosegirl
And here's your discussion entry, while I go grab dinner.

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man. I wish I lived on the east coast. Its no fun having to come back to this post 3 hours later and then getting to enjoy other peoples comments.

Why don't you try a streaming website like justin.tv? It's how I managed to keep sane when my shows got pre-empted by stupid local basketball games.

/still bitter what

Locke/Man in Black/Smokey's on the prowl...

Dude! He had Richard the Immortal tied up in a tree! That's pretty badass!

awww, poor Richard. Kick some flocke ass!

wow, he's really spooked, and he doesn't spook all that easily.

Sawyer. Drinking isn't going to bring Juliette back...

Amazing how this episode was more awesome than last week before the first commercial break. lol

I second this.
Last week's episode was full of fail and silliness.

(Deleted comment)
I looked like a little kid to me. But it was so quick its hard to say.

So was the kid lil!Sawyer? With red hands? Waiting for a screen cap...

Locke = Ghost of Christmas past.


(Deleted comment)
Your icon makes me happy. =D

Ugh, Smokey!Locke is trying to recruit Sawyer. I'm still mad at the real Locke for manipulating Sawyer into killing the real Sawyer.

OMG! Hurley has a Hummer!!!