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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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lost by frodosgoosegirl
And here is your discussion entry. PREVIOUSLY ON: They actually started to tell us shit.

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They actually started to tell us shit.

WASN'T THAT WEIRD? I thought I was dreaming.

They actually started to tell us shit.

Too late for me to give a rat's ass.

*is bitter*

I KNOW! And the kid's kinda snotty.

I dislike this alternate universe, lol

God, dad! I don't WANNA bond, OK!! Geez...

My question, who is this kid's mother?

I expect the woman Jack "fixed", thus starting his obsession with fiiiiiixing people. The woman he was going to marry, but didn't. (Or did he marry her and then divorce her? Man, it's been so long, I don't even remember.)

I half expected 'WE ARE EVERYBODY' to blare out of the earbuds

oops. You All Everybody. Though maybe the song title would be changed here too.

I love how he wrote the directions on his arm...

stick it to the man Hurley!

LOL at Hurley being all "Jedi-mind trick" on that guy.

LOL, "I just lied to a samurai." Oh, Hurley...

haha, I know. He's so amazing. <3