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Not good
msauvage purple
8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile.

31st major aftershock, magnitude 5.5, centered in Bio-Bio, Chile - U.S. Geological Survey. 

Death toll not expected to rise significantly from current count of 82 after Chile earthquake, interior minister says. (CNN is now reporting 122.)

No major damage reported from 6.3-magnitude quake near Salta, Argentina, but cell phone service is out - Buenos Aires Herald.

Tsunami threatens Hawaii, California and Alaska after massive quake in Chile.

Pacific islanders told to head for high ground as tsunami bears down. 

Samoa police issues nationwide evacuation alert ahead of predicted tsunami waves.

U.S. military assessing tsunami threat for Hawaii and whether ships, people will need to evacuate.

Tsunami advisory extended to Oregon, Washington, parts of Alaska, coastal British Colombia - West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. 

I'm following news as it comes in here. The latest is the cheerful announcement that President Obama is on his way to the White House Situation Room.

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It's callous, but one of the things I thought was, "The Earth must be seriously pissed at Roland Emmerich for revealing her plans...."

I have friends & friends with friends in various Pacific coastal locations, but the warnings seem to be ample and I hope the further damage is minimal.

What I can't believe is how we've got over 50 aftershocks and a lot of them are registering at over 5.0. It's like wave after wave of scary.

I have friends in Hilo on the Big Island; I hope that people heed the warnings and get to higher ground.

Most people have. Local news is showing how deserted the roads and beaches are. There's the occasional stupid surfer spotted, that's about it. There was just Skype video from Hilo; they've evacuated to the high ground.

I suddenly feel like I understand what made people throw virgins into volcanoes.
Sorry we're such crappy tenants, Earth, we'll try to do better. Please don't evict us, we have no place else to go!

Australia's been issued a warning, too.

the city I live in is about 15 minutes drive from the coastline, with a major tidal river flowing right through it.

I don't want to be submerged.

OMG! Its the end of the world!! I also heard that there were two huge icebergs that broke off in the Antarctic and are just... floating out there.


rachelmanija links to a NYT article and posts several comments from Chileans talking about the situation: here.

This is reminding me of this geography picture book I had as a kid (which I swear I just saw the other day but can't find now). The section on disasters was basically "Sometimes the earth gets angry, and when it does, we get earthquakes and volcanoes". I'm starting to think they were on to something.

the tsunami that treatens to hit hawaii, california, and alaska is threatening to ALSO hit that other land mass right in the middle called CANADA. ... >_

Well, they did mention British Colombia [sic], so it's not like they were ignoring that.


Between the 7.0 quake in/around Okinawa and now the 8.8 quake in Chile barely 48 hours apart (?), there were two 3-plus quakes in our southern islands in the Philippines. Baby quakes as the intensity goes, but ack. So unnerving to think about.

we're experiencing a pretty major storm in europe right now, too. the death toll so far is 51. i'm in germany, cosy in my living room, thank god, but it sounds scary out there. any minute now i'm expecting the windows to burst.

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Thank you for these; I've been out of town.

Well, we are living on a globe of doom, when you really think about it. Have been since forever (and yet we're still here).

The entire Pacific ring appears to have been under warning from this for some time, and probably will remain so for a bit. Hopefully that means everyone will be properly prepared and we won't see too many casualties through the whole ordeal.