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Not good
msauvage purple
8.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Chile.

31st major aftershock, magnitude 5.5, centered in Bio-Bio, Chile - U.S. Geological Survey. 

Death toll not expected to rise significantly from current count of 82 after Chile earthquake, interior minister says. (CNN is now reporting 122.)

No major damage reported from 6.3-magnitude quake near Salta, Argentina, but cell phone service is out - Buenos Aires Herald.

Tsunami threatens Hawaii, California and Alaska after massive quake in Chile.

Pacific islanders told to head for high ground as tsunami bears down. 

Samoa police issues nationwide evacuation alert ahead of predicted tsunami waves.

U.S. military assessing tsunami threat for Hawaii and whether ships, people will need to evacuate.

Tsunami advisory extended to Oregon, Washington, parts of Alaska, coastal British Colombia - West Coast Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. 

I'm following news as it comes in here. The latest is the cheerful announcement that President Obama is on his way to the White House Situation Room.

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The earth appears to be very angry with us.

Eurgh. What a way to end the Olympics, if the waves hit BC.

Edited at 2010-02-27 05:33 pm (UTC)

It's a lower grade alert for us here on the B.C. coast. The west coast of Vancouver Island will probably take the brunt of it as it usually does in these situations. The worst that'll happen, I imagine, is flooding of marinas and beaches, but no damage.

This. It'd be pretty hard for a significant wave to hit the lower mainland when there's that curving point of Washington State and the whole west coast of the Island to act as a buffer.

Also, sadly, not enough to take out Forks, most likely. :(

Wasn't that kind of inevitable?

That's what worries me. My aunt lives on the island and so does my nana. :/

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