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I am very tired but I feel like saying things, so:

Today I left the house, amazingly enough, to get new glasses. Normally I hold off until my current pair actually falls apart on my face. The last time I had to go out and buy new ones, it was because they collapsed and died in the middle of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie:

So I literally--and I cannot express to you how literally I mean this. I'm not abusing an oft-abused word; I mean this literally--held the left side of my glasses together by pinching the frames shut for an hour and forty-five minutes solid. I actually asked all the friends I was sitting with if they had any string, for God's sake, because I've actually tied them together before, and I'm now thinking about always carrying a little box of dental floss in my purse for that purpose from now on.

Also, Baby Shelby had left bite marks in the lenses by that time.

So the optometrist was a little bit weirdCollapse )

And now, I think I will go to sleep. Yes, before 9 pm. Because I can.

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