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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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So, an update
Sister Girl will apparently be able to keep her finger, although she assures me it was "barely holding on." They gave her a digital block (apparently this is supposed to numb the entire finger?) but it... kind of didn't work, and she felt all four stitches. (They offered DermaBond as an alternative. That's right: they offered to glue my sister's finger back on.) The doctor (who, if he was an intern as she had feared, was the oldest one on record) asked if he should stop or try something else and she said, "NO JUST FINISH IT OKAY JUST FINISH IT I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER." Then, they put a Band-Aid on her finger, which is really so useless that I feel like it must have been cosmetic, or maybe just to keep the stitches dry. She then entered an outpatient treatment program of Taco Bell and OxyContin, and will be off work a couple of days while she is painkillered up.

Meanwhile, I forgot to mention that there's a new Made of Fail podcast up with MarzGurl from That Guy With the Glasses. (Guys, am I supposed to be on the next one this month? I can't remember.)

Meanwhile-meanwhile, over at Formspring: 175 anonymous questions answered, 75 to go. It seems to be glitching, though, and won't show anything when you click "more." Maybe I'll copypaste the answers somewhere else periodically. They better come back, though, because that's like 150 answers lost if they don't.

Also, barring unforeseen circumstances, I will be liveblogging the Oscars tonight. My understanding is that, due to a TV affiliate dispute of some kind in New York, some channels will not be allowed to carry the Oscars. You will be able to watch them streaming live (in theory. Good luck with that) courtesy of the AP.

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I'm glad to hear she's skipping work - she could re-injure herself.

re: Oscars kerfluffle in NY - I am constantly amazed that Comvision is still in business, considering their unblemished record of consistently shit customer service.

Hooray re: liveblogging; I was going to ask but didn't want to overload formspring further.

Semi-yay for the finger - it's amazing how nicely things like that can heal. Heck, if she doesn't have a hand injury, she can't be a real chef; I think there's a rule...:)

an outpatient treatment program of Taco Bell and OxyContin

That sounds like an awesome treatment program.

Yay for SisterGirl! Fingerpocalypse was scary. :) And yeah, the bandaid is probably just for keeping it clean and preventing her from having to look at the stitches.

Yaaaaay fingers! I am happy to hear this.

Hope your sister'll be okay in the end.

I'm glad that your sister (and her finger) are doing okay!

My understanding is that, due to a TV affiliate dispute of some kind in New York, some channels will not be allowed to carry the Oscars.

I legit had a heart attack when I read that (despite not living in New York). I HAVE PEOPLE COMING OVER TONIGHT IN FANCY DRESS, TV. DON'T DO THIS TO ME.

I saw on Ebert's Twitter just now that there may be a last-minute agreement being made.

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*pats Sister Girl on good hand*

Yay for SisterGirl!

Do let her know that she's not alone with the glue possibility, though: shortly after the end of Dollhouse, Dichen Lachman (the actress who played Sierra) tweeted this. The overwhelming suggestion she got for putting her finger back together? Super Glue.

Yeah, my sister said that's also what they used in the kitchen at cooking school.

Owww. Continued best wishes to her and the rest of your family. You guys don't need any more stress.

Glad your sister's OK.


While I enjoyed all your answers, this one stood out as an excellent awesome answer to a potentially awkward question:

Q: So why is it, exactly, that you're so full of awesome? :P

A: I'm really short, so a small amount of awesome filled me up pretty quickly.

Yay for your sister's finger.

Please please please do copypasta your Formspring answers and put them here or on your wiki-thing periodically; I know I have missed some and that makes me disappointed.

If I can get Formspring to let me view them again, even just once, I'll archive them all here in sets of 20 or so. Maybe backdated all on one day so as not to spam people.

There is something about finger stitching... I cut my finger a year or two ago and went to the ER. The doctor who sewed me up looked like The Todd from Scrubs and despite painfully injecting my finger to numb it, failed to get the digit numb at all. So I felt all seven stitches. It was a terrible experience. About an hour after I was home, my finger finally got numb.

(I won't even go into the allergic reaction I have to the tetanus shot they gave me or how the stitches, which I had been told were dissolvable, did not dissolve and I had to have my regular doctor slightly re-open the healed cut to get the stitches out of it)