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American Idol ramblings

I would like to point out that I have a new journal subtitle courtesy scizo_frenic's Fun with Engrish entry.

American Idol: It's Better Than Writing Papers. This is the first time I've watched the show this season. Fantasia is--well, squeakier than I imagined. George Huff is--I can't quite describe his voice, but... nobody is impressing me so far, I'll put it that way. I think the latin pop they're having these kids sing is a lot like the big band from the first season--it'll make or break you. And I love Gloria as a judge--she's just like, "I love everybody!" (Audience: "GLOOOORIAAAA!") And apparently Simon and Paula are getting up to something under the table. Yow.

(Oh, and I thought it was really tacky the way Fantasia kept shouting "This is for Jennifer!" Dude, she's not dead. Quit with the sympathy-mongering.)

(And that sound you're hearing right now? Is my mother squeeing at the Day After Tomorrow commercial.)

Hee, "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" is my favorite Gloria Estefan song. Or one of them, anyway. I love La Toya's earrings, also. She's a lot better than the other two, but the whole group seems weaker than the first season's. I agree with Randy--there's some snap missing from her performance, as good and as poised as it was.

John Stevens: wow, he's simultaneously better and worse than I expected. His voice is a lot stronger than I expected, but he's really, really flat. Seriously, I'm not looking at the screen at this point, and the passion in his voice is hovering somewhere around "dry sarcasm." Aww, Randy: "Your shoes are awesome, dawg, you're the nicest guy I know... you had maybe three notes in key." Aww, Simon: "You're what, sixteen? You have taken every bullet thrown at you like a man. You have nothing to feel guilty about, good luck to you."

Jasmine: Wow, the kids are high-pitched this season. At least they're not trilling up and down as violently as they were the first two seasons--owwww, Jasmine's voice just cracked something fierce. She's Sister Girl's favorite, too. Yikes. Simon damns her with "pleasant."

Ohhhh, God, this Diana girl has chosen "Turn the Beat Around." I know it's not originally Gloria, but that is my favorite, and--wow, you don't mess with that song, yo. Child don't have rhythm, either. I can't watch this. She also over-enunciates. Ohhhh, dear. Like, I'm not even sure this song should be undertaken by professionals. Oh, God, this is bad--I pain, I pain, eee!

Randy: "You got mad talent. That was good." Okay, so it's just me paining, then.

WINNAH!: La Toya. And I'm still not even sure I would buy an album. The only reason I watched at all is because 1) I'm home and 2) I like latin. Yow.

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