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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Oscar liveblog, part 9
yahoo oscars bronze
HOW Y'ALL FEEEEEEEEEL? I'm on my third Coke and have only one Tagalong left.

"Please welcome my longtime dear friend, and by that I mean I've never met her, Sandra Bullock!" WOW, her dress looks AMAZING under the lights. It's all sparkly and golden-silver and GODDAMMIT THE WORD "DAZZLING" IS RUINED NOW.

Achievement in cinematography

    *      "Avatar" (20th Century Fox) Mauro Fiore
    *      "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" (Warner Bros.) Bruno Delbonnel
    *      "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment) Barry Ackroyd
    *      "Inglourious Basterds" (The Weinstein Company) Robert Richardson
    *      "The White Ribbon" (Sony Pictures Classics) Christian Berger

Winner: Avatar. "Viva l'Italia!" I mean, he said a lot more than that, but we're two hours in and I'm gired. I mean tired.

Please welcome! Demi Moore! In a coppery peach strapless ruffled ballgown. You know, the kind that we've seen in various colors all night. I'm just saying. Ohhhhh dear. It's the Death March of Deathly Death. I'll do the best I can. "Here, to pay tribute to those we've lost, is James Taylor." So apparently we're going with that whole "Maybe having some music means that people won't be assholes and clap,just... like they're doing right now. Sigh. The list: Patrick Swayze, Jean Simmons, Tullio Pinelli, Eric Rohmer, Ken Annakin, David Carradine, Gareth Wigan, Daniel Melnick, Howard Zieff, Dom DeLuise, Army Archerd, Ron Silver, Brittany Murphy, Lou Jacobi, Simon Channing-Williams, Betsy Blair, Joseph Wiseman, Jack Cardiff, Kathryn Grayson, Arthur Canton, Nat Boxer, Millard Kaufman, Roy E. Disney, Larry Gelbart, Horton Foote, Robert Woodruff Anderson, Budd Schulberg, Michael Jackson, Natasha Richardson, Jennifer Jones, David Brown, Karl Malden.

Commercials. Post.

Wait, we haven't really had enough to post. Let's hold on for one more break.

Ladies and gentlemen! Jennifer Lopez, her hip bustle, and Sam Worthington! Worthington takes out and puts on the most gigantic nerd glasses ever, and it is HOT. Like I seriously did not get his appeal until right now. Tonight, we present the nominated scores as intepreted by the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers! Legion or League? All I know is that they're leaping and somersaulting to the jangly-piano Sherlock Holmes score. I kind of want a Jets and Sharks rumble to break out. But then, that's my solution to everything. And now, The Hurt Locker. The guy in the middle is kind of doing... a krump robot? I don't know how the kids dance these days. It's a bunch of guys in sweatshirts and white jeans, don't ask me. Fantastic Mr. Fox! Hey, I didn't know Alexandre Desplat did that! I guess New Moon got his B game. More red shirts mixed in on this one, and now a guy in a suit jacket, like a robot winding down--aw, it's Giacchino's Up score. I love him. A guy in a baseball cap and a girl in a handkerchief hem run around and flip and jump and I really like this guy in the cap, I gotta tell you. I wanted someone to interpret Dug, but I didn't get that. James Horner's score for Avatar! You know that awful paint-and-leaves "Aborigine" routine one of the skating pairs did at the Olympics? That should have been done to Avatar's music. Standing ovation!

Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original score)

    *      "Avatar" (20th Century Fox) James Horner
    *      "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (20th Century Fox) Alexandre Desplat
    *      "The Hurt Locker" (Summit Entertainment) Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
    *      "Sherlock Holmes" (Warner Bros.) Hans Zimmer
    *      "Up" (Walt Disney) Michael Giacchino

YAY MICHAEL GIACCHINO! THIS IS PROBABLY THE HAPPIEST I HAVE BEEN ALL NIGHT! I AM A LITTLE CONCERNED FOR MYSELF NOW. At nine, Giacchino made movies with his dad's camera! Wait, but he's scoring them now! I have had too much cola to make sense of this. But he says to always let kids play because it's never a waste! I approve of this message!

Ladies, and more ladies! Please welcome! Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper!

Achievement in visual effects

    *      "Avatar" (20th Century Fox) Joe Letteri, Stephen Rosenbaum, Richard Baneham and Andrew R. Jones
    *      "District 9" (Sony Pictures Releasing) Dan Kaufman, Peter Muyzers, Robert Habros and Matt Aitken
    *      "Star Trek" (Paramount and Spyglass Entertainment) Roger Guyett, Russell Earl, Paul Kavanagh and Burt Dalton

Winner: Avatar. I RTed this on Twitter, but apparently Gerard Butler told EW that "Avatar" was written on the dummy rehearsal envelope. Heh. Thank you to many names! I like your silver bowtie. It is class.

Please welcome! Jason Bateman on the dais with a clip from Up in the Air. Because he was in it! Get it? Yeah, finally. In the audience, Clooney chin-dances along with the Sherlock Holmes music going out to commercial.

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Fine. How are you holding up?

I'm on my third Coke and have only one Tagalong left.

Tagalong? Isn't it about time for the next Girl Scout cookie sale?

Did they forget Farrah?


I missed some of it, but my Twitterfeed indicates yes. *sigh*

Nerd glasses almost always make men hot.

In the audience, Clooney chin-dances along with the Sherlock Holmes music going out to commercial.
I'm pretty sure this made me laugh more than it should've.

Edited at 2010-03-08 04:03 am (UTC)

Was that Jason Bateman presenting Up In The Air? I didn't recognise him. Oh dear. Also, Richard Baneham is Irish so yay for him!

You know that awful paint-and-leaves "Aborigine" routine one of the skating pairs did at the Olympics? That should have been done to Avatar's music.

As a huge figure skating fan, this made me LOL SO HARD. ;)

Oh wow, The Cove. Hank Green is happy now.

Heh, sign! Wonder what happens if you text that?

I was rooting for "Food, Inc." but "The Cove" was my second choice. Now I'm wondering if I should show that to my students as well.

I am STILL pissed about Avatar winning cinematography, dammit. It shouldn't have even been nominated in the first place.

Giachino's win has been my favorite moment, too, except maybe for Star Trek's win for make up. Just because I was glad to see ST win something! Loved his speech.


You just can't go wrong with one of those things.

I *think* (and indeed according to google, so do a few other folk on twitter) the dancer in the cap is Daniel Cloud. Though couldn't see his face to confirm.

Hurt Locker is SO gonna win BP. It's been winning everything. I HATE it when one movie wins everything. :(

Could be worse; that one movie that's winning everything could be Avatar. I much prefer the Hurt Locker winning a lot to that.

I just got the Sam Worthington thing too. It was a combo between the glasses and that accent.

Hah. "Here is stuff about the Hurt Locker, now some Avatar music!"


awesome. (er, sorry ... it's just that no one i know other than me knows who they are, and ... yeah. sorry.)

So, I had to run out for TP in the middle of the Oscars (b/c I couldn't find our stash, which is in my roommate's closet) and paused the show while I went out. I was grateful for the dance part b/c it meant I had something else I could FF through to catch up to live watching.