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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Pictures of Arwen, Aragorn and the White Queen up at Tonner


oh my God, my moneys

please send help

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THE WHITE QUEEN!! aaahhhh! guh! aujkjklslkskl!?!
My wallet just started to burst out crying. I joined in the waterworks.

Oh god the pretty, I so badly want the Alice after seeing the movie.

I already bought the Alice. She is awesome. I'm afraid my husband is going to sign me up for an episode of Intervention if Tonner keeps making all of these dolls...

That right there is a SCARY likeness of Anne Hathaway. Wow. Impressive Tonner. Freaky, but impressive.

don't see aragorn in your post

at any rate, here he is

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He has awesome accessories!

Commence selling of soul in 5....4....3...2...

(Deleted comment)
They already had a really good likeness on file from Get Smart (why you want Get Smart dolls, IDK).

Oooh, is that Arwen new? She's gorgeous....but you already have Arwens!


I have to have it. Tonner LOTRs won't go into the story or be acknowledged on-shelf. I just have to have them anyway.

LOL, this was my Twitter update: "Leia1912 is waiting for @Cleolinda to flail over the new Tonner doll images today--Arwen and Aragorn!" And sure enough, flail LJ update!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, the Mattel Hatter is terrifyingly accurate. I actually think the Tonner will be less lifelike, based on their Jack Sparrow likeness. But still terrifying.

Eeeeee, the White Queen! So pretty! (SO PSYCHOTIC).

Oh my gosh, the White Queen needs to be in the Secret Life of Dolls! She would be airy but delightfully manipulative. I can just imagine her taking over Bella's kitchen to make a potion to make The Littlest Edward and The Littlest Bella the right size, with her spit as the specialty ingredient.

oh my god... that arwen doll is GORGEOUS. i don't even collect dolls and i want it because it's so damn pretty.

also, the likeness to anne hathaway on the white queen doll is pretty good.

I love the White Queen doll.

What is this obsession of making all fantasy dresses out of velvet? I don't remember Arwen wearing velvet in the movie. (But I haven't seen them in a long while so...)

She wore a lot of velvet, actually. (Big costume hound here.) That dress was, in fact, made of velvet, with silk for the sleeves, IIRC.

Help in the form of moneys, or 'do not want' vibes to help you control yourself?

Also, I am not a doll person; I kind of think they're creepy. I have a few scattered action figures, and that's about it. But I really want that tonner Capt. Harkness!