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Twenty questions (2)

More Formspring questions. Posted 3/9/10.

What are you favorite Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents? Least favorite?

Tamora, Siren, Dorian, Glitter, Fae, White Light (seems to work well with anxiety), Freak Show (I got more compliments on that one, let me tell you...), Sugar Skull, and Beaver Moon. I tend to favor fruits, vanilla, cinnamon/ginger, and otherwise foody scents; strong florals and incense/resin scents give me headaches. Hell, most "commercial" perfumes give me headaches, which is why I tried BPAL in the first place.

I really didn't like Magus and Sacred Whore of Babylon, but those are the only two I've had really strong reactions to, IIRC. Even though I tend to avoid blends I don't think I'll be able to wear anyway, I'll take a sniff of anything once, but those were the only two I tried to wear that I immediately regretted.

How many fingers am I holding up? by feistyybeden

Two fingers, one thumb.

How do you feel about Fringe, in comparison to Lost? by BluInkAlchemist

I actually couldn't get past the first fifteen minutes or so of the first episode, so I can't really tell. It probably didn't help that it started off really gross right when I was trying to grab dinner.

Which fandom do you feel most connected to?

That's a really interesting question, because the fandom I spend the most time in right now is one I don't feel very emotionally connected to--one I spend a lot of time looking around going, "What the hell is WRONG with you people?"

I think my first real fandom online was Lord of the Rings (behold my Galadriel icons!), so I'm really excited for them to go back and make "The Hobbit," just to be able to have that communal fandom experience--the first three movies were mostly over by the time I got to LJ in late 2003.

I also own a Ravenclaw scarf and a hand-turned holly wand, if that tells you anything.

Who's your favorite poet? (Or favorite poem, whichever question you prefer.)

Pablo Neruda's "He ido marcando" ("I have gone marking"), which at once point I had memorized in Spanish ("He ido marcando/ con cruces de fuego/ el atlas blanco de tu cuerpo..."). I also really like "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (not so much "The Waste Land") and "My Last Duchess" ( love the unreliable narrator and that the lines aren't end-stopped), "Annabel Lee" (Poe just has such a uniquely haunting voice)--oh, God, I need to go back to my shelf and reread some of this stuff, I'm vaguely remembering some John Donne poems I really liked ("The Bait," now that I've looked it up, and "A Valediction Forbidding Mourning," or as I remember it, "the one about the compass"), and a Marge Piercy that I had taped to the back of my door for a really long time ("To Have Without Holding"?), and all of these things that are flitting vaguely through my head that I can't remember.

Why, WHY did you get me addicted to Aromaleigh AND BPAL?! WHERE DID MY PAYCHECK GO. I blame you instead of my own financially unsound, magpie hoarding behavior.


What is the coolest vacation you've ever been on?

I spent a week in Havana my senior year of college--I was a Spanish major, and a few of us did that as our senior project. I don't know if that counts as a "vacation" per se, but I've done so little traveling that it'll have to do.

What is it like being an internet celebrity? Have there been any issues that make you wish you weren't famous?

It's really strange, because being famous on the internet (in a small corner of it, no less) is not being famous at all. It's like--remember the Star Wars Kid video on YouTube, the kid pretending he had a lightsaber? That's, like, the pinnacle of being internet famous. That's how unfamous being "internet famous" is. And so far, it hasn't carried over into real life for me at all, so it's this illusory smoke-and-mirrors thing. You're "famous" because people say you are, not because you really have anything to show for it, like awards or restaurant tables or piles of money.

It's good, mostly. I tend to think of it as "every now and then I run into someone online who already knows my name." I've met a lot of really awesome people that way, and I try to do fun or helpful things when I can. It's not really much deeper than that.

You are psychic! I guess this is not a question. Also, Prufrock is my favorite poem in the history of ever! ZOMGLOLZ! OK, question: Spike or Angel? by feistyybeden

Only seen two or three episodes of Buffy, don't really know. Probably Angel; I'm not much for blonds.

What's your favorite musical?

For some reason, I love "The Pirate"--Judy Garland and Gene Kelly have this fantastic chemistry, even though it's far from the best musical ever made. In fact, the fact that it ends with "Be a Clown" is something of a head-slapper for me. It's just a sentimental favorite, I guess.

I love that musicals seem to be coming back now--I think that "Moulin Rouge," which I also loved, showed people that you could have fun with the format and even get post-modern with it, and that it wouldn't have to be cheesy and melodramatic. I mean, unless that's what you were going for.

Is there a petition or something that we can get started for Tonner to finally come out with an Alice? I don't even collect dolls the way that you do, and I want an Alice. This needs to happen.

My understanding is that they're waiting on the actress to approve the likeness, so it's on the way.

If you could say anything to Robert Pattinson, what would it be? By the way, I totally owe you a batch of cookies for the cheering up your LJ does for me when I'm cranky.

"I am so, so sorry."

Do you ever get sick of Twilight and wish you could just go back to doing 15 minute movies without all the baggage and fame that your writing has brought. by fotoverite

I have actually been known to change the subject IRL by saying, "Come on, y'all, I'm off the clock." I get a little tired of fifty people sending me the same link, or sending me every single thing that ever thought about having anything to do with Twilight ever.

Mostly, though--I've said it before, but I cannot begrudge Summit or Stephenie Meyer any of the money they've gotten out of me, because I've had way too much fun and benefited way too much from talking about Twilight to complain. I get really anxious about how to top the last Fifteen Minutes I wrote, but I do that anyway. At this point, "everything in moderation" is my approach to it.

Do you ever do that thing... where you look at someone in the distance and pretend to squish them with your thumb and finger?

I don't really do the squishing thing. Mostly I just stare at them really hard to see if I can blow them up with the power of my mind.

Do you prefer salty or sweet snacks?

I have an incorrigible sweet tooth. That said, I would not turn down potato chips. Or salsa. Good times.

What started the doll collection and which is your favorite Shelfian?

I've always liked dolls, but in terms of the Shelfians, I think Purple Arwen was the first one I got, and of course I wanted the Galadriel and the Eowyn, and then I spent months tracking down the rarer White Arwen, and...

After LOTR dolls, I think the next one I got was Anna Valerious. I think Elizabeth was my first Tonner.

Don't make me choose! That is hard! And would probably result in some imaginary hurt feelings! And possibly some embarrassment on my part!

I will say this, though--"favorite" in the purest sense aside, I really, really enjoy taking a character people insist they will hate and making them love him/her. Like, just to prove I can.

Did you think you would get so many questions so quickly?

I honestly thought, "Wow, I'll probably get a lot of questions the first day. Maybe, like, fifteen!"

So ... dreamed about Brad Pitt lately?

Actually, it's been a pretty long while.

Have you ever written anything other than Black Ribbon or LJ stuff? I don't mean that in a bad way, it just seems that you have this magnum opus on one end, and fun kind of fluffy stuff on the other, and I wondered if there was anything in the middle.

I have--two or three novels when I was younger (that were awful); a few short stories (two of which I posted on my journal, others that I posted elsewhere years ago); a handful of poems; and partial drafts of about two stand-alone novels. It's just that the fluff is easier to finish.

Are you good at math? How much pain were you in to sit through The Golden Compass? I haven't read the book yet but I've heard a lot of fans were pretty pissed. What is your favorite work of Niel Gaiman?

1) I was terrible at it in school, but I'm pretty good with everyday, utilitarian math if I don't have to do it in my head.

2) I actually liked it--I thought it was wonderfully cast--and I've since found out that one of the reasons it still seemed so choppy was that the studio took the final cut away from the director and hacked a lot of finer points out.

3) Stardust.

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