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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Two quick things
I posted a few more batches of Formspring question cross-posts last night. These are the earliest questions that glitches may prevent you from going back and seeing. Also, at Formspring itself, I answered a few new ones. We're up to 225 answered, and still 99 in the inbox. I don't even know, y'all. One of the reasons I started doing this was that I'd been wondering if I should ask people here if they had any questions (I get them in the comments or on Twitter sometimes), or what should go on an FAQ page. Well, apparently I am way more interesting to y'all than I thought.

There's no real good segue to this, so... Corey Haim, '80s heartthrob, dies at 38.

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One thing about living in Santa Clara I never could stomach. All the damn Coreys.

It's very sad about Corey Haim, but unfortunately not that surprising. Corey Feldman seemed to have turned it around, kinda, but Haim seemed to be living in the past more.

I think what is so horrible about his death is that I wasn't surprised... at all. It's still sad and I dislike that so many people who are young and I would watch in movies growing up are one by one dying. I feel like at this rate by the time I'm 40 none of my childhood heartthrobs will still be around.

Seconded the sadness that is Corey Haim's death, but what in dear god's name is that thing in your icon? O_o

On formspring you mentioned your great affection for Sleeping Beauty, so I thought I'd link this on the off chance you hadn't seen it yet.

Ha! I saw that a few days ago. It's brilliant, isn't it? :-D

Core Haim. Is dead. Corey Haim.

My god, I feel old.

Oh what no I just got the Lost Boys soundtrack for old times' sake. Man.

I love that soundtrack. The movie, too.

Poor guy :-(

Damn. I always vaguely hoped Corey Haim would pull it together.

Since if anyone knows you've probably heard, is there any word on the variations of the New Moon Dvds? Or is it all standard 1 disc or 2 disc sets?

There's like a ton of retailer-exclusive "special edition" versions, and they're all different. I think Twilight Lexicon had a run-down somewhere.

Corey Haim, '80s heartthrob, dies at 38.

WHOA. I was never a major fan or anything, but I did have a small pinup of him on my wall in high school. RIP.

Reviews are coming in on Remember Me, and oh dear. I was going to see it this weekend but I think I'm going to wait for the DVD. Between the pans of Pattinson's acting and the "surprise" ending, it's not looking too good.

...Surprise ending? I'm mildly curious.

Aw, Corey Haim. I had his picture on my wall when I was wee, right next to Jordan Knight and Luke Perry.

Cleolinda, the Tonner Virtual Sale is on again and they have Bellatrix for $99!


The sad thing about Corey Haim is his mother was the one who was with him when he collapsed. As a mother myself I know it is my greatest nightmare to lose or outlive my children.

Re: Remember Me.
In Australia there is no "suprise ending" as they are giving it away in the reviews by mentioning the set up of the movie, and then saying:
"...and you can easily guess what happens next".
I felt like saying: Well yes I can now that you've all but spelt it out for us all..


Almost every single review I've read so far has given away the ending, and I honestly think media outlets are doing it on purpose because they know how upset people will be when they're hit with it. I don't so much mind something happening to the character in general, but--oh God, anything but THAT. Jesus. I wasn't even in NY and I felt ill when I heard the ending a few months ago. ANYTHING BUT THAT, what is wrong with you people. If they had at least sold the story as BEING about that, maybe with a frame story, and so you at least knew it was going to happen, although maybe not who would be involved, that would be one thing. But--UNEXPECTED NATIONAL TRAGEDY IS UNEXPECTED, I just don't know how people who this happened to less than ten years ago are going to deal with this.

And the reason it really upsets me is that I read a Stephen King short story dealing with it--about someone who wasn't there that day, but kept finding the belongings of people who were in his apartment--and the descriptions of what it was like to be there just--augh. I don't want to imagine that happening to a character I've spent two hours with in an otherwise normal romantic drama.

Edited at 2010-03-11 04:56 pm (UTC)

FYI, the AP Story about it is a hoax.

So when someone inevitably links you to the hoax, you don't need to panic.

Edited at 2010-03-12 06:43 pm (UTC)

Heh, yeah. Someone did, and I was like, "benkling.com? You might want to look at that again..."

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