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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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We have two trailers, one for

1) ECLIPSE, in which the territory-marking pissing match over Bella begins, and also, Victoria has a new face actress and it is kind of unsettling. Also, Edward apparently brought the meadow back with him from Italy (even meadows need vacations, I guess);

2) and, far more importantly, ROBIN HOOD, which looks very conducive to Fifteen Minutesing, and is somewhat disappointing to me in that Cate Blanchett does not have awesome gowns. Connie Nielsen in Gladiator had some of my favorite costumes ever, so I know Ridley Scott knows who to hire for these things. BE MORE PRETTIER.

Also, the bad guys include Mark Strong and Matthew Macfadyen. Way to get me to not root for Russell Crowe, movie.

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Matthew Macfadyen is the Sheriff of Nottingham?!


I KNOW, RIGHT?? love matthew macfadyen. his voice would make me vote for the sheriff any day.

Here's my problem with the new Robin Hood, and it goes along with the awesome villains. First of all, I don't like Russell Crowe and thus I do not want to root for him. Secondly, the BBC version, while not always being "good" per se, at least got the casting right with Jonas Armstrong. Robin is an archer. He should be a thin, wiry fellow, not some beefed up, scowling hulk.

Argh. I'm torn; I love Robin Hood as a legend so much, and yet Russell Crowe is so very wrong for the part...

I agree with you completely. It's part of the reason why I'm debating not going to see it in the theaters at all and I'm a die hard fan of the legend.

However, they're getting me on wanting to go see it because of Cate as Marian. They did really good casting for that good guys role.

Huh. I am actually surprised that they make Bella seem like she cares about her family. The movie looks, dare I say it, engaging. But then again it is only a short trailer.

Robin Hood looks full of win.

Thanks for sharing! Thinking of Russell Crowe is always a good way to start off the day :)

Yeah this, double-takes were in order.

They REALLY should've included something from the steameh (according to Chris Weitz) tent scene. Still nice DP work with the meadow and the sunset.

I'm not sure you should follow up talking about the tent scene from Eclipse with "DP". :-P

How in god's name can anyone choose Russel Crowe over Mr. Darcy + bald!Mark Strong?

Also, that new meadow scene in Twilight looks like it's trying to be "Bright Star" which...just...no.

(Deleted comment)

I saw the photo of shirtless Jacob Black from ECLIPSE. I am delighted that a] he is still getting his pecs out for the tween girls gay guys like myself in the audience and that now that he's turned 18 I can no longer go to prison for having dirty thoughts about Taylor.

I'm not particularly keen on either Russell Crowe *or* Ridley Scott, so with the two of them together for ROBIN HOOD ("G'Day- welcome to bloody Sherwood") they might as well just go for broke and cast Nicholas Cage as the Sheriff of Overacting Ham and Jack Black as Friar "F*uckyeah!"

btw- have you seen the latest trailer for the upcoming (late April) NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake. A lot more Freddy, a lot more Emmett Kellan. He looks like he may be a pre-credits hack-up/first victim:


("G'Day- welcome to bloody Sherwood")


"Originally, Russell Crowe was set to play both Robin Hood and Sheriff of Notingham. The idea was dropped."

When I saw ^this^ in the trivia, my immediate thought was, 'I didn't know Hood and Nottingham were related.'

I would much rather see MM at RH and RC as SN. Mark Strong could be anybody and I would love him just the same.

There was a point where they were writing it as if Nottingham had a split personality. Which was both kind of interesting and kind of cracktacular.

The Twi-hards are like "Eclipse is about Edward and Bella's LOVE not love triangle."
I'm sitting here thinking I thought Eclipse put out all love triangle vibes. This whole series is love triangles, rectangles, and circles. Also Bella's wig looks weird.
Matthew Macfadyen is in the Robin Hood movie??
I luv him!

Edited at 2010-03-11 03:18 pm (UTC)

I saw some Twihard complaints, and it's like, people, they are being faithful to the book. I'm sorry the book was about Bella actually sitting there thinking, "I am jerking this kid around and I feel bad but not bad enough to stop and also I just told him that in another life I would marry him and have his babies," but THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS.

Also, David Slade twittered that they're putting in MOAR EDWARD, so they can shut it. Team Edward is, I will say it again, THE WHINIEST BUNCH OF BABIES EVER, and you can tell them I said it. And I say this as someone who WANTED Bella to end up with Edward and become a vampire and STFU.

I haven't seen either trailer (no time, I'll comment again later) but I LOVED Lucilla's dresses in Gladiator. I'm a big sucker for great costumes. Right after I saw it for the first time, my dad was like, "So what did you think?" and I said, "The dresses were gorgeous. I loved it" :D

The best compliment on my senior prom dress was when someone told me it looked like something Lucilla would wear. Made my day.

I suspect that the costuming on Robin Hood was done with some kind of idea that the movie's all about "gritty realism," so no floaty princess dresses, alas! I was actually looking forward to this back when it was Crowe as the sheriff, but now...

Also, as much as I enjoy watching Matthew Macfadyen, Alan Rickman will always and forever be the Sheriff of Nottingham OF MY HEART, Californian Robins be damned.

"Also, as much as I enjoy watching Matthew Macfadyen, Alan Rickman will always and forever be the Sheriff of Nottingham OF MY HEART, Californian Robins be damned."

HEAR! HEAR! My teen self was more into Christian Slater's Will Scarlet and I couldn't understand why Mom was fawning over Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Then one day I was laughing about the "cut his heart out with a spoon" bit and it hit me that Alan Rickman MADE that movie. *sigh* It's been nothing but Rickman love since.

But look! It's something ALMOST LIKE HISTORICAL ACCURACY IN COSTUMING! The sky is falling!

I heard they were basing at least one of Cate Blanchett's dresses on the Moy dress design. I don't know how I feel about the movie, but whoever did the costuming, I am in love.

However, I doubt Marian's behavior is anything like historically accurate, which spoils the effect a bit.

Can I just say that I approve of your Marian icon so very hard? That's my favourite version of Robin Hood, ever.

I am horribly amused at the Robin Hood IMDB page with Max von Sydow being in it, but not playing anyone. Max von Sydow is playing Max von Sydow! He can team up with Friar Tuck to exorcise the hamlet!

I cannot wait for this movie, more for the awesome supporting cast, but I'm still running with this being Gladiator v2.0: The Medieval Years.

The Power of Coeur de Lion compels you! The power of Coeur de Lion compels you!

... lol, Matthew McFaddyen as the bad guy? yeah, I'll be rooting for him.

Blech! re: new Victoria. She does not have the icy stare down and has Claudia curls and Victoria is about the only character I give a damn about. FAIL!

Also, Bella got a tan.

Also, also, I refuse to say this looks halfway decent on the basis of a trailer, because I did think it for just a second. Fool me once, New Moon. *shakes fist* Hopefully it will at least be lolicious, *sings* 'cause the Bible script told me so (assuming that was the actual script and that they haven't changed much from it, which is a big assumption).

Also, also, also, I hate that I'm now somehow invested in these movies. But after two of them and 4.5 books and m15m and... oh hai, train wreck, plz to be not looking away. *hangs head in shame*

I'm kind of glad she got a tan (she visits her mother in Florida), because for a while there she was paler than Edward.

I know, being even one iota invested in these movies sucks, but it's like, either you can get invested or you can get dragged along kicking and screaming while the rest of pop culture goes with it whether you like it or not. As someone who hated Titanic, I know which one's easier on my blood pressure.

I wouldn't really care who Russell Crowe was up against, I wouldn't be rooting for him anyway.

But Cate! With a sword! In armor! Can not contain the AWESOME! Might have to suffer through the Crowe for the Cate on this one.