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Not much to say lately; I've been really tired, and actually feverish today. A lot of headaches related to the air pressure (fickle March weather).

I'm testing out Tumblr, because I figure I won't know if I want it until I try it. Basically, it seems to be like Twitter for pictures, which I like, and it's super easy to post the page you're on from your browser. Although I'm trying to restrain myself from posting every single pretty thing I know of, because I could probably post 100 entries a day at that rate. Basically, I'm posting jewelry, artwork, and a few dolls at this point, although any interesting landscape or movie-related picture I see will go up. (The Art Nouveau Disney princesses thing was pretty awesome.) I'm trying to keep the theme to "pretty things," so no Sexual Horrors of Etsy, thanks. It's my sparkly happy place.

Still answering Formspring questions, although I haven't gotten below 50 questions yet in terms of inbox backlog--I'm up to 359 answered. I haven't posted any new cross-posts from the back end, but I think the "view older answers" thing is working at the moment. Please, try to comment here on the answers rather than ask new "questions" just to make a comment. And don't ask "Have you seen [whatever]? I hope you like it," because that's clearly just trying to pimp something. Seriously, I've still got fifty questions to work through--and some of them are very thought-provoking, which is why they're hard.

(Also, a lot of the movie industry questions presume I have any clue what I'm talking about. I answered them the best I could.)

Actually, there are some questions I could use some help with--a few coming in are kind of heavy.

There's a girl at my school struggling with depression. I want to help her, but we're not close. What would you have wanted someone to do when you felt down? Do you have any depression awareness sites I could see?

Which seems like a delicate one to answer, so I don't know. Thoughts?

We will have a new Secret Life of Dolls at some point. I'm just having a hard time getting it to turn out well. This in the middle of, you know, research reading and footnote-writing. And I can't concentrate for shit. So... I'm doing the best I can.

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