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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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twilight lolcat
Huh. It's been a while.

Well, there was a week, and I had it. Very stressful, for reasons I can't get into. Meanwhile, my new glasses finally came in yesterday, so things are a bit wonky. I have nearsightedness and astigmatism, so basically the near distance looks a lot clearer and closer now, which messes with my depth perception. I mean, for example: the floor. I've managed not to fall over yet, but it makes me a bit dizzy, and I'm squinting a little to compensate while my eyes get used to the new lenses. Headaches are involved.

I've been having fun at Tumblr, but you can post a whole bunch of stuff but put it in a queue that parcels things out every hour, half hour, whatever, so as not to spam everyone. So it's actually been auto-posting for me all weekend. (A lot of times I'll pick an arbitrary theme for the day, based on what I've got in my drafts. Yesterday was a sort of general gothic and/or stripes theme; today is spring flowers and/or woods. St. Patrick's Day was green, which involved many things relating to absinthe. Other days are just whatever.)

Have slowed down on the Formspring questions for a while. Will probably get to those as soon as I need to procrastinate again.

Trying to read for research, but the newness of the glasses is making that a bit hard. I should be able to watch movies again, though, without squinting at the TV across the room. To that end:

Team Jasper: A team for the rest of us. “He almost eats Bella, which is a huge plus."

I ended up at Walmart yesterday, so I got the New Moon DVD there, even though I think the Target one has a third disc. Whatever. It's all probably extras about werewolfing. I just want to hear the Chris Weitz commentary. But I had to go ahead and get a DVD regardless, because Sam's been snorting and sneezing every morning at 2:30 on the dot, insisting that Mom get up and play. So she's been in the den watching movies when she inevitably can't sleep on the recliner, and she's running out. I lent her Star Trek, Wolverine (she was very excited about this; I haven't watched it yet) and Half-Blood Prince (she was less excited about this, although she makes a point of eventually watching each Harry Potter movie). And then she started angling for me to leave New Moon with her. "I haven't even opened it yet!" "I WATCHED TWILIGHT TWO MORE TIMES ON CABLE, I NEED SOMETHING NEW." Turns out it's always on somewhere, so SHE KEEPS WATCHING IT? WHAT? WHAT?

"How many times have you SEEN IT now?"

"Maybe... six?"


"Well, not all the way through! Just whatever part is on."

"Is six counting the theater and the DVD?"

"... No..."

"I am NOT letting you read the books."

"I don't want to read the books. You said they were stupid."


Honestly, I think there's a point where she just does it to torment me. "I found a wallpaper of Edward the other day. I'm gonna put it on my computer!"  



"He's the same age as YOUR YOUNGEST DAUGHTER!!"

She gives me a roguish side-eye. "No he's not! He's a hundred years old."

I have met the Twimom, and they is her.

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Try being far-sighted in one eye and near sighted in the other AND having an astigmatism. I have horrible depth perception and am terrified of driving because of it.

No way. Your mom is MUCH more sane than the typical Twimom. The crazy, they are not good at hiding it.

Oh no! Your mom has smoked the Twilight Crack! Intervention!! INTERVENTION!!

She thinks all the crazy fans are stupid, fortunately. But she has started to REMEMBER THE ACTORS' NAMES NOW, instead of "Edward" and "Jodie Foster's Daughter," which is a bad sign. I knew once she got as far as "Robert Patterson" that it was only a matter of time.

Your mother is...not the worst I've met.

A little scary, yes, but at least she's not buying the shower curtain. (yet)

If she does that, you may need to stage an intervention.

Edited at 2010-03-21 05:01 pm (UTC)

The thought of Edward looking at me in the bathroom... O_o

Edited at 2010-03-21 06:02 pm (UTC)

Your Mom is still pretty awesome, regardless of the Twifail!

Seconded. A'course, I kind of think the Twilight learning curve is cute, but... I have trouble taking most things seriously. ^_^

I have met the Twimom, and they is her.

Oh, Cleo. It sounds like she's still in the relatively sane stages, so that's a good thing. Be strong.

BTW: the red and gold brocade dress you posted on Tumblr the other day was one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen.

I know right! Beautiful dress.

I would like to think that living with me has vaccinated her against a certain strain of crazy, but she will have to remain under observation.

Yeah, my nearsighted and astigmatic self just got new glasses, too. It does get better!

. . . especially if you don't pick them up from some jackhole who's so anxious to get away from you that he lets you take home a pair of glasses with a damaged lens, but that's a whole other story.

I always hate the first few days after getting my glasses changed, everything's too clear and it's disorienting. I'm also nearsighted with astigmatism, apparently my nearsightedness is getting better while my astigmatism keeps getting worse.

Luckily my mother seems to have escaped becoming a TwiMom. She did offer to go see New Moon with me but changed her mind when I explained I'd just end up laughing at it.

I always hate the first few days after getting my glasses changed, everything's too clear and it's disorienting. I'm also nearsighted with astigmatism, apparently my nearsightedness is getting better while my astigmatism keeps getting worse.

Hey, me too for all of the above! *wonky eyes fistbump*

Ugh, I have astigmatism and near-sightedness too, and I just went and had an eye appointment. My right eye is more near-sighted now, and my left eye's astigmatism got worse. I am kind of dreading getting new glasses because I will have headaches and it will be not fun for a week or two while I get used to them. But, and this is important, they have a new coating for anti-glare, so driving at night should get easier. Which is good, because it currently terrifies me when cars come toward me because I cannot see.

Anti-glare coating is a MUST for me, and I don't care what my insurance says.

Team Jasper because he's really a split-personality/gendered serial killer. :D

lol, your mom sounds hilarious. Hopefully she'll stay in this sort of, "I'm doing it to annoy you" kind of stage.

Also, that EW interview was amazing.

"I have met the Twimom, and they is her. "

Oh dears.

But, y'know, she's more informed and sane than actual "Twimoms", so...I mean, how bad could it get?

(Drums; drums in the deep.)

AHAHAHA. LoTR reference FTW.

I've been loving your tumblr! All of those nature-y pics were very useful for calming me down while reading about health care issues.

Also, I love your mother. Just putting that out there.

I have astigmatism and nearsightedness, and I haven't had new glasses for about four or five years, so I've gotten used to everything being a little blurry. But I have contacts that are just that much sharper, so when I put them in yesterday I was all, "I can see EVERYTHING." And then I almost drove into the car in front of me, it was so clear.

Really enjoying the pretty things on tumblr. Although I'm now pining for most of Clockwork Couture's stock.