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And then to sleeps
pallas cat - intrigued
Let's have a little linkspam!

Confirmed: Chris Evans Is Captain America. Half of Twitter is thrilled and the other half is pissed. Look, I don't know. It's not like the Fantastic Four movies left any kind of lasting cultural impression anyway.

Malkovich, McDormand, Jeong & a Ferrari Join Transformers 3. Malkovich joined Jeremy Irons on the Paycheck Extravaganza that was Eragon, so it's not like I'm surprised, but you, Frances McDormand! The hell!  

'Pirates 4' Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Geoffrey Rush Return, Penelope Cruz As Blackbeard's Daughter. But don't show up at extras casting with fake boobs, because they're not having with that.

Olivia Wilde and Freida Pinto Deny Bond Girl Rumors.

Spike Jonze's Robo-Love Short Is Here.

Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' is set to begin Stop Motion Photography shortly!

Rhys Ifans Has a Bizarre Take on Being in 'Harry Potter.' Warning: takes a hard, offensive left into wackadoo at the end there.

Steampunk Dinosaur Madness in Luc Besson's "Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec" [This Is Awesome].

Alexander Skarsgard: New 'True Blood' Promo!

Word on Twitter is that the Eclipse poster will go live tomorrow... on the official Twilight iPhone app. That you pay for. Well, internets, it turns out that I was shameless enough to do just that (as you will remember from the last time they released a poster OVER THE PHONE), so I've got you on that one. In fact, I will write it off as a business expense in a red hot second if they'll let me. Also: here is a Formspring answer I wrote two weeks ago to the question, "Can you explain what you mean by 'Twilight is badly written'?" Here is Linda Holmes' explanation at NPR. Notice the similarities. Which is to say, because it is truth. I am not making this shit up just to hurt your feelings, I swear.

Today on Tumblr: more things I thought were pretty.

And for the Uwe Boll Slot: Fourth 'Austin Powers' Movie Will Go 'Somewhere You Haven't Thought Of,' Jay Roach Says. NOOOOOOOO.

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I really liked Chris Evans in Sunshine, so I'm cautiously optimistic about Captain America.

And wow, I was not seeing that Lady Diana twist at the end of that Rhys Ifans interview coming. Although I guess when it comes to Harry Potter Fathers, I'd rather the guy playing Xenophilius say that than Mr. Weasley.

True that. :)

Though I wouldn't mind seeing Mark Williams come up with some rambling (ir)rationalisation of his work just for a change, because from what very little I seen/heard of him when out of character, he's the nicest, politest, most charming man, much like Mr Weasley, and it'd be interesting to see him do something unexpected. :)

A bit like the smiling!Ralphdemort-Dumbledore-Bellatrix-Harry-sandwich behind-the-scenes pic that's been flying around.

Rhys, any jokes about Lady Di are off limits. For everyone.

... a ... fourth ... Austin Powers movie.

No. No. Just no.

IA, this is just a pool of wrong D:

Doesn't McDormand have a son who's tween-ish? This sounds like a "do it for kid cred" move.

Damn. You weren't kidding about the end of the Ifans interview. Wow.

I was going to be all "her kid can't be that old!" but then I remembered how long ago I first heard about him. He probably is about that age.

There's going to be a third Transformers movie?! D:

And as long as they keep making buckets of cash, no doubt a fourth one.

Aww, I was hoping for Ryan McPartlin AKA Captain Awesome from Chuck, but I'm okay with Chris Evans. He's pretty enough, and yeah, I'm shallow like that.

Captain Awesomerica! All the awesome of Devon Woodcomb, all the asskicking and patriotism of John Casey!

I really wanted Chris Pine for Cap, but I guess I could see how it would be hard to fit in being Captain Kirk and Captain America, timewise. Evans is easily the best thing in the FF movies (which I like, cheese factories though they are) and I think he's charismatic enough that Robert Downey Jr. won't blow him off the screen. (I screamed "NOOOOOOO!" aloud when it looked like Channing Tatum would get it. He would have been invisible next to RDJ's Tony Stark.)

I don't know Chris doesn't look like clean hero type and i find him too tiny to play him. But its not the first time the casting looks not so good and then when you see him on the character they come to live.

My dream casting would had been Kellan Lutz he has the body and he has a nice smile and he is blond. Not sure about the acting though.

I really like Chris Evans a lot, but he's made most of his career playing smartasses, something he does well. I don't want him to muck it up, so hopefully he can tap into some deep well of non-smartassness to pull this off.

Meanwhile, hello ginormous, sexy Swede. Welcome back to my television.

Before it becomes a Luc Besson flick, Les Aventures d'Adèle Blanc-Sec was an AWESOME French comic by Tardi. I can only hope that Besson does it justice.

In the comic book is it more steampunk? Because in that trailer it didn't look very steampunk-ish to me, it just looked like it was set in Victorian Times.

... more on Adèle Blanc-Sec here!

Can anyone find an alternate link for the True Blood promo? It doesn't seem to want to load for me.

Also, Rhys Ifans is certifiably cray-cray.

I can handle Evans as Cap a lot more than Krasinski. It'll be curious to see how true they stay to the character vs. how much having Evans on board adds to the Stark-esque snark. Stark Snark. Whatever.

As for Malkovich, it took me a few moments to not be surprised. Not just Eragon. He handed in his serious actor card when he did Con Air, plus he's in Jonah Hex this summer. TF3's just a cash grab for two days of work.

I can see Con Air as a shot at mainstream visibility as well as a paycheck--I was a teen when it came out and, whereas I'd seen him in other stuff before, that's when I distinctly recall properly acknowledging John Malkovich for the first time. Fortunately, I started consciously watching some of his better work soon enough, but I can't pretend Con Air wasn't the trigger.

Although he needs to start being more discerning with his choice of scripts soon. A few years ago I could see the "I'll do A for money so I can do B for the artistry" dichotomy, but these days his Eragon-style fare is really overshadowing the good stuff. He's been in quite a few clunkers lately...

I am so fuckin' pumped for Pirates IV, not even gonna lie. And not just because I'm a Johnny stan. Ian McShane? Penelope? HELL YEAH! \o/

I just got a Tumblr the other day. I still don't understand it, but it's sort of fun. Got any recommendations of who to follow?

Damn. If I wasn't 27, I could totally be a Pirates extra. Oh, and aside from the swimming/diving bit. I can't do that. But still. SO CLOSE!

Edited at 2010-03-23 03:23 am (UTC)

I... I think I want to marry Linda Holmes and Marc Hirsh. That exchange was hilarious. And "traitor tears"? And "dust moats"? Really? Really?! Yeah, yeah, I know. Twilight means never having to say you're kidding.

There's also a line where Edward "grinned that playful smirk of his." What the holy hell?