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Let's have a little linkspam!

Confirmed: Chris Evans Is Captain America. Half of Twitter is thrilled and the other half is pissed. Look, I don't know. It's not like the Fantastic Four movies left any kind of lasting cultural impression anyway.

Malkovich, McDormand, Jeong & a Ferrari Join Transformers 3. Malkovich joined Jeremy Irons on the Paycheck Extravaganza that was Eragon, so it's not like I'm surprised, but you, Frances McDormand! The hell!  

'Pirates 4' Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Confirms Geoffrey Rush Return, Penelope Cruz As Blackbeard's Daughter. But don't show up at extras casting with fake boobs, because they're not having with that.

Olivia Wilde and Freida Pinto Deny Bond Girl Rumors.

Spike Jonze's Robo-Love Short Is Here.

Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' is set to begin Stop Motion Photography shortly!

Rhys Ifans Has a Bizarre Take on Being in 'Harry Potter.' Warning: takes a hard, offensive left into wackadoo at the end there.

Steampunk Dinosaur Madness in Luc Besson's "Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec" [This Is Awesome].

Alexander Skarsgard: New 'True Blood' Promo!

Word on Twitter is that the Eclipse poster will go live tomorrow... on the official Twilight iPhone app. That you pay for. Well, internets, it turns out that I was shameless enough to do just that (as you will remember from the last time they released a poster OVER THE PHONE), so I've got you on that one. In fact, I will write it off as a business expense in a red hot second if they'll let me. Also: here is a Formspring answer I wrote two weeks ago to the question, "Can you explain what you mean by 'Twilight is badly written'?" Here is Linda Holmes' explanation at NPR. Notice the similarities. Which is to say, because it is truth. I am not making this shit up just to hurt your feelings, I swear.

Today on Tumblr: more things I thought were pretty.

And for the Uwe Boll Slot: Fourth 'Austin Powers' Movie Will Go 'Somewhere You Haven't Thought Of,' Jay Roach Says. NOOOOOOOO.

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