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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Alert alert eh
twilight lolcat
The Eclipse poster, courtesy of my phone.

Cue Team Edward screaming that he should be on the right. Ah, but you see, her hair is reaching for him. That makes it all okay.


ETA: Team Edward is already on the job! I admit, I laughed.

ETA: Larger version from the Twilight Twitter account, for larger boredom.

ETA: "And then they fight dinosaurs."

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Oh, but this one is dark and spooky thus FORESHADOWING ZOMG. And hey, doesn't it look like Bella is even paler than Edward, who actually seems to have some sort of human skin tone? MORE FORESHADOWING ZOMG. Either that or the stylists weren't paying attention.

She looks bored and/or drugged.

*sporfles tea* Her hair, it yearns! Hahahaha.


(Deleted comment)
SO much love for your avi!

And that poster makes me feel totally meh. :P


Yes, most things do. Thank you, "Eclipse" art staff, for pointing out the obvious. And gratuitous ellipses ho!

And I have to admit I found myself thinking, "Wait...it's just beginning?!? What the hell were you people doing during the last two movies?"

I was thinking the same thing!

Spoiler alert: Bella never has to choose!

Okay. Color me uneducated. Why does it matter what side Sparkleson is on?

Just that visually it's the more "important" side because your eye hits it first.


Team Edward edits...

I laughed. I'll admit.

Okay, the reason I laughed out loud just now is because that is the first thing I thought when I saw the poster: "Please, he is like a foot taller than either of them."

(Deleted comment)
They don't even try with these. They know these crapfests will make money either way.

He is on the right. Her right.

...they aren't going to notice that though, are they?

Forgive the ignorance (all my Twilight knowledge comes from you), but why does he need to be "on the right"? Does it help that he's on HER right?

This is a teaser poster right? If not, man who are they paying to create such a lousy boring poster?

I know, right? This makes me feel like, with my outdated version of Photoshop and complete lack of artistic talent, I too could have a future in graphic design! BORING POSTER IS BORING INSPIRING.

For a moment, till I red caption, it seemed to me as strangely distorted "Harry Potter" poster. Amusing!

What in the . . . ? Her hair doesn't even look attached to her head! It's a sad, sad day when Edward's hair is tamer than Bella's.

Her hair is really yearning. Unlike the rest of her, which from the look of things couldn't give a damn.