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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Alert alert eh
twilight lolcat
The Eclipse poster, courtesy of my phone.

Cue Team Edward screaming that he should be on the right. Ah, but you see, her hair is reaching for him. That makes it all okay.


ETA: Team Edward is already on the job! I admit, I laughed.

ETA: Larger version from the Twilight Twitter account, for larger boredom.

ETA: "And then they fight dinosaurs."

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Team Edward edits...

I laughed. I'll admit.

Okay, the reason I laughed out loud just now is because that is the first thing I thought when I saw the poster: "Please, he is like a foot taller than either of them."

Me too. It's like, c'mon, the guy is already stuck wearing creepy ass contacts and lipstick. At least leave him his height advantage!

NO NNO NOOOO he is tall and strong, and cold... like mountain.

(Deleted comment)
IDK, I think he's got the closest thing approaching an expression on the entire poster. And that expression is "chagrin."

Wait, Jacob is taller, or Edward? I thought it was Jacob, but then somebody down the thread is talking about lipstick and contacts...

Jacob is supposed to be this hulking 7" wolfy guy. Taylor Lautner is... not. You see pictures of premieres, and Robert Pattinson towers over him. I don't know if they get a Scully box for him when they're filming or what. Maybe they've not had to stand next to each other onscreen yet.

Sort of like how the Wolverine thing, but in reverse (Logan was supposed to be a short Canadian in the comics, Hugh Jackman... isn't.)

You know, I never thought of that until just now. They get around it, a lot, actually. Easily with Stewart because she has terrible posture, her slumping makes him look taller, and then half the scenes they are sitting down, or she is sitting and he isn't. But all the shots of Lautner and Pattinson are either shot from behind Lautner or at an angle, or else he's standing on a higher plane (like the scene at the end of New Moon in the woods, he was on the incline). Huh. I think they've actually put some thought into that...who knew?

I think Kristen Stewart is actually fairly petite too. I'm guessing 5'3"-5'4". She's got some major heels on here, and Lautner still looks to have a bit of height on her.

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