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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Peoples of the Internet, I am an idiot. Let me tell you why:

You may remember that, last summer, I moved up from 150 mg Lamictal to 200. This was kind of a jump, and I was anxious about it, and there were some bad side effects (back pain?!), but we sorted it out. Some six months later, I was refilling my pill box (you know, a compartment for each day of the week), or at least I have deduced that this is what must have happened, and picked up two bottles of pills. I had a large portion of the 150 mg bottle left over, and then I had the 200 mg bottle. "Oh," I said, "I almost got these mixed up. I take the smaller dose now."



Yesterday, I got my fresh refill and went, "Wait... they filled this wrong. I don't take 200, I take 150. But... why would they fill it wrong? I do take... don't I... wait." So I pulled out the empty 150 mg bottle I had just finished (necessitating the refill), and the "older" 200 mg bottle. 150 is dated May. 200 is dated November. Clearly, I went from one to the other, and I went up, not down. And in case I was the least bit in doubt, I DOCUMENTED IT ALL HERE ON MY JOURNAL.


So suddenly, it all makes sense. I've been feeling incredibly edgy and fragile and verge-of-hysteria for most of 2010--I just assumed it was because of ongoing personal drama. No, it turns out that I couldn't cope with anything because I WAS TAKING THE WRONG MEDICATION. And I DO check the labels. I ALWAYS check the labels, because we all keep our medicine in the same kitchen cabinet and I didn't want to accidentally end up taking, oh, the stuff Mom takes for her neuropathy, or, say, Sam's thyroid meds, because SAM IS A DOG. I did check the label. I just somehow convinced myself to take the wrong dose. For at least two months. BECAUSE I HAVE THE DUMB.

So I went back to 200 today. I was a bit worried about making that kind of jump again, but part of the reason I had such bad side effects before was because I'd never gone so high (and also, we cut the pill in order to increase it slowly, and apparently you do not want to do that with these pills, let me tell you), and this time, I'm going back to a dose I was comfortable on for six months. And clearly, I was feeling pretty bad on the old, lower dose. So after your basic side effects settle down--I always get flushed and dizzy any time I change any dose of anything--I'm hoping I might start feeling better.


Today on Tumblr: Some really interesting stuff. I really liked the lovers' portrait brooches and My Cat's Locket.

Robert Culp, star of ‘I Spy,’ dead at 79.

'Iron Man 2' Poster, Starring These People -- AND AN EXPLOSION; About That Time Iron Man 2 Reshot All of Olivia Munn's Footage.

EXCLUSIVE: Liam Neeson Cast As LBJ In 'Selma,' Cedric The Entertainer To Play Ralph Abernathy.

Clint Eastwood Confirms to Movieline: Next Project is Dustin Lance Black-Penned J. Edgar Hoover Biopic.

Disney's 'Maleficent' Gets a Writer, Tim Burton Still Interested.

'The Lone Ranger' To Be An Origin Story, Jerry Bruckheimer Says. 

Paul W.S. Anderson to Direct 3D Buck Rogers.

Knightley in 'Emperor's Children,' 'True Grit' Moves to Texas and Foxx Pens 'Laverne & Shirley.'

Meet Michel Gondry's Family: 'Thorn in the Heart' Trailer.

trailer_spot: Adèle Blanc-Sec, Secret in Their Eyes, Good Bad Weird, Get Him to Greek, Harry Brown, White Stripes.

Famous Movie Quotes in Chart Form. 

Avatar Release Launches Initiative to Plant 1 Million Trees.

Twilight: New Moon Sells 4 Million DVDs First Weekend. Meanwhile, as previously noted, I have a mild fear of wax museums. This is not helping. (ETA: AND SO IT BEGINS.)

Hey! Hey! You know what I'm even more afraid of?

eruvadhril: "Cleo. Cleo. Cleo. Sparklepires exist AND THEY ARE A SQUID. The name of the squid is actually 'The Vampire Squid from Hell,' and its defense mechanism is not ink, but bioluminescent fluid with which it DAZZLES its attackers. One of the guys at that link actually says 'Their defense is to dazzle.'"

That. I'm more afraid of THAT. Put some elbows on it and I'll never sleep again.

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Yeah, let's see how long that wax figure lasts unscathed. I give it under a day.

They're going to let people TAKE PICTURES WITH IT!

(Deleted comment)
That wax figure is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. It's the dead eyes. And the fact that he still looks like a hobo.

I wonder if it smells like a hobo.

Aww, you're not stupid. And hey, it must be nice to know that there was a legitimate reason you were feeling so out of sorts.

I am really, really ambivalent about Keira Knightley being attached to The Emperor's Children. I read that book last year, and it quickly became one of my favorites. If she's playing who I think she's playing, I just...ugh, she's too young, and I think she's getting to be a better actress as she gets older, but I've never seen her express the kind of politely oblivious air that the character needs. If I were the casting director, I would be going after Zooey Deschanel like there was no tomorrow.

That's enough Tim Burton.

Oh, Tim Burton.

And you're not stupid. Those kind of things happen.

Totally facepalming about the meds, but I've done it with my migraine pills myself, so I'm laughing with you, not at you (promise!). I hope the new dosage will help you feel a little less on edge.

Also, I am so looking forward to Les aventures extraordinaires d'Adèle Blanc-Sec. A kick-ass heroine and a pterodactyl? Rock.

A moment of silence for Bill Maxwell. Here lies the Fed.

I feel a need to mention the vomiting shrimp. Lives in the deep dark ocean. When threatened by predators, it throws up bioluminescent goo. Apparently this distracts them and it can swim away.

I feel you on the "OMG, I did a stupid" bit. I've actually said where's my phone while talking to my little sister, on my phone. Yes. True.

MALEFICENT! *diesofglee*

Stephen Fry just makes the SparkleSquid clip even more hilarious. <3

"Hang on, I'll look that up for you--WHERE IS MY PHONE???"

"You're talking to me on it."

*snicker* John Barrowman of the deep. Once again, thanx for bringing giggles to take my mind off my pain.

Oh, I think we've all done something like that with our medications at some time. *hides the evidence*

this is the first I've heard about Maleficent, and I'm super excited! She's my all-time favorite villain :)

I'm not a huge Disney fan, but Maleficent left an imprint on my young self. I remember being so shocked that she said "hell." I couldn't believe it! A dirty word in a kid's movie! Then she turned into a dragon. I've been in awe ever since.

Oh dear God, that squid video freaked me out so badly that about 10 seconds after they showed what it looks like, a chill ran down my back and I had to turn it off...

Thank GOD those things live deep in the ocean, and thank GOD we're not mermaids. :-P

Speaking of things you are afraid of, I saw a live opossum at a zoo this weekend, and... I totally get what you were talking about now. Those fuckers are CREEPY.

Awww, Robert Culp. I just watched him in the (insanely creepy) 1973 telemovie A COLD NIGHT'S DEATH, thanks to the miracle of Youtube...

I'm envisioning the Wax RPattz (RPaxx?!) will have to constantly have its lips, crotch and buttocks replaced due to fan smooching/groping...

Aww, the Vampire Squid! Love them- they have beautiful blue eyes. And they're only the size of a football, so they can't hurt you. btw- are you familiar with the Dumbo Octopus?!


You forgot the hair. The hair will totally need to be replaced often.