Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
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Freaky... uh. Thursday.

I've been holding on to some wtfery in the linkspam department for a while, and I feel like it's time to dump it all on you. I'll start you off easy.

Shrek 4 banner: "Where my witches at?" 

Jennifer Love Hewitt wrote a book, and that book contains the actual sentence, "Guys hate to spoon -- they prefer to fork, lol!"

Nicholas (The Notebook) Sparks writes Greek tragedies in the footsteps of Sophocles, or something. Also, when asked, Miley Cyrus says that The Catcher in the Rye is her favorite coming-of-age story (whether you believe she's actually read it), and Sparks says that his is... A Walk to Remember. Which he wrote.

Freakishly Lifelike Jack Sparrow figure is FREAKISHLY LIFELIKE.

An update from yesterday: the Robert Pattinson wax museum figure has been up for like ten minutes and already it's being mobbed. This is a thing, y'all. This is a thing that is happening. 

Seattle man who said he was a vampire and had bomb arrested. "He said he was a vampire and wanted to eat people. Staff asked him to leave, and the man then said he was a space cowboy and showed what looked to be a pipe bomb attached to his wrist." Police were able to subdue the man before he was able to declare himself the Pompatus of Love.

(And it wasn't even a REAL pipe bomb! You are not very good at vampiring, sir.)

Also from the Pacific Northwest: Police detain sword-waving, knife-throwing hunter.

A scraped-up, shirtless man armed with a sword and several throwing knives was detained by police today.

The man had been seen waving the sword near the ProBuild hardware store off High School Road just before 1:45 p.m. Witnesses said he had also been visiting the nearby Ace hardware store.

The man told police he was hunting werewolves and “chuds.”

I wouldn't tell him about Maurice over there with the pipe bomb if I were you.

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