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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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A little off-kilter
I am completely confused as to what day of the week it is--I keep thinking it's Monday, because my mother took off work yesterday, and usually if she's home on a weekday, it's a Friday holiday of some kind. So when everyone went to work today--clearly, it's Monday, right?

Sadly, the reason she was home is because she hurt her knee two weeks ago--just stepping down off a curb in high heels, she said, nothing big--but it not only hurts two weeks later, the pain is getting worse. And she talked to a friend who's married to a something-or-other, I don't know, and this friend has suggested that she has torn her meniscus, which will not heal on its own. So FINALLY, after two weeks of me bugging her to no avail, she's going to try to get in to see the doctor, and if that's what it is, she'll have to have surgery. She took yesterday off just to give it time to rest; God knows when the doctor will be able to see her. Of course, the last time she had knee surgery, we caught her up and mopping the kitchen floor that afternoon, so.

Meanwhile, I'm still a little dizzy and chilly-flashy from the medication adjustment, but I already feel tons more alert. I'm also a little disorganized--like before I wasn't alert enough to concentrate, but now I'm too alert. Hm. I think it'll even out.

I say we have some linkspam.

Divorce attorney says Dennis Hopper is dying; Ailing Dennis Hopper to get star. 

So... I don't really have a segue from that.

Carey Mulligan on My Fair Lady, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and All Her Rumored Projects, in which Mulligan says it would be "nice" to play Eliza, but confirms nothing. Apparently Emma Thompson wants Hugh Grant for Higgins, but there's no guarantee on that.

Finally, Release Dates for 'Dragon Tattoo' Sequels.

Warner Bros. Options Carter Beats the Devil. I WANT TO BE EXCITED ABOUT THIS BUT I AM SO SCAAAAARED.

Okay, we need to catch up on this Breaking Dawn thing, because I don't know that we've discussed this. Do you know who Summit has been considering to direct, if by "considering" you mean "begging"? Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon, Gus Van Sant (and let me tell you, given that he's based in Portland and just kooky enough, I had been putting my money on him) and, now, three-time Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry. As the LA Times pointed out, this is a director who has directed three films and has been nominated for every single one. I can't tell if Summit is just being realistic in terms of the kind of talent they're going to have throw at this cracked-out wackadoo story in order for the movie to average out to something decent, or if they REALLY THINK--if they REALLY HAVE that kind of hubris. I don't even know at this point.


Meanwhile, The Host Goes Paperback With Bonus Chapter that "couldn’t appear in the book because [Meyer's] narrator was unconscious at the time." Dude, she did that again?

Check These Out: Six Badass Character Posters for The Losers.

Must Watch: Fantastic International Animal Kingdom Trailer.

UPDATED: First Trailer for 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' Arrives.

'How to Train Your Dragon' breathes fire into the film genre. I'm hearing really good reviews for this one, which I did not expect.

'The Hunger Games' in Hollywood -- who will play Katniss?

Paramount Goes on The Search for WondLa. 

'Waking Sleeping Beauty' documentary takes animated look at Disney renaissance.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice International trailer has more Molina, more Cage, more dragons and more plasma bolts. 

Brad Bird Might Choose To Accept 'Mission Impossible IV.'

Animated ‘Tron Legacy’ Poster Revealed!; Tron Legacy Viral Event Happening at WonderCon.

Hopkins Finds His Pupil for The Rite.

Downey Suiting Up for Third Iron Man? 

No 'Pink Bodysuit' For Blake Lively In 'Green Lantern,' Two More Actors Added To Film's Cast; Angela Bassett Joins Green Lantern Cast. 

Alternate Trailer for The Last Airbender Online.

'Predators' Character Featurette Focusing on Adrien Brody's Royce.

Lady Who Calls Scene Numbers for Tarantino is Great. 

And finally: at least it's not Uwe Boll. And the Director of 'Paranormal Activity 2' is...  

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OMFG, I die!!!

EEEEEEE, ICON. I love her in that movie. :D

PLEASE GOD PLEASE KILL THIS "MY FAIR LADY" REMAKE. I can't imagine any universe in which I could like this thing -- I don't care what anyone says, I think the original is as close to perfection as a movie can get. And just the thought of Hugh Grant as Higgins gives me the dry heaves.

100% agreement, granted this is insofar as I don't actually care all that much about the subject (I like the movie, but it's not on my all-time favorite list), but really? This is a remake the world DOES NOT NEED. Please, just no.

I don't know if that's the right direction for Summit to go in with Breaking Dawn. Wouldn't it be better if they tried to get a director who had a lot of experience with teen/romance films, rather than someone who has a very specific, artistic vision with regards to his/her work?

Someone who makes clever and funny teen films could possibly make the film rise above its source material.

I got early word that Waking Sleeping Beauty would be worthwhile and I'm glad I did. I got to see it last month at the Portland International Film Festival on Mike Russell's strong recommendation, and I'm happy to see it getting a wider release and wider attention.

It also reinforces my belief that there's enough material from Howard Ashman's life to warrant a biopic. I can picture Alan Tudyk as Ashman, unless he's sick of playing people who die.

I would pay good money for an Alan Tudyk as Howard Ashman biopic. Holy crap.

(Deleted comment)
SERIOUSLY. As someone who has been losing interest in animation because of the lack of this... I'm super pumped. Especially 'cause the wee dragon acts like a kitty. KITTY!

(The last animated film I took the time to see in theaters and actually wanted to see & enjoyed was kung fu panda. Seriously.)

(Deleted comment)
It's sad, but I kind of really want to see the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" thing. I adore Molina and enjoy Cage well enough, and it looks like cheesy good fun, and... yeah. *sigh* There's no hope for me, is there?

If it makes you feel better, you're not the only one. I saw the preview before "Alice in Wonderland" and it looked so wonderfully cheesy. And while Nicolas Cage will always creep me out (I don't know why, he just does) I did enjoy the two National Treasure movies for almost the same reason, they're so cheesy but ever so much fun.

Im glad "How to train your dragon" is getting good review since I plan on seeing it with friends tonight. I wasnt all that excited for it personally, but if its getting good reviews perhaps it wont be a bust. =D

The Host is actually excellent. I mean, there's a chance you might not like it... it still does the whole love triangle thing, but most everyone agrees it's better than Twilight. It's a much richer story, I suppose, and more mature. And the romance isn't central to the story. But it's an interesting take on humanity and alien invasions. *shrug* Just throwing that out there.

I want to see "Waking Sleeping Beauty" so much. And I'm really glad that "How to Train Your Dragon" got great reviews. I hadn't planned on watching it AT ALL, but now my friends are all interested in seeing it.

Am I the only one confused because the trailers for How to Train Your Dragon sometimes seem to be saying the title of the movie is simply Dragons!?

Yes? D:

I think somebody at NY Mag reads your blog, because they had a post about Stephen Daldry yesterday, and it ended like this: And still, David Cronenberg waits patiently by the phone.

And even with Emma Thompson and Carey Mulligan, I am still deeply ambivalent about the My Fair Lady remake.

Oh, they discussed my Breaking Dawn recaps one time.

Apparently Emma Thompson wants Hugh Grant for Higgins, but there's no guarantee on that.


I say cast Tarantino as the director for Breaking Dawn. Constant boring dialogue interspersed with gore? Sounds like it'd be right up his alley.

I am conflicted over The Last Airbender. :/ I don't support the whitewashing of the cast... but... it looks so awesome. D:

(Except that Aang seems waaaaay too angsty. I mean, the kid angsts a little, and he's allowed to given his circumstances. But he's also a pretty happy kid despite it all, and movie!Aang doesn't seem to have any of that.)

Yeah... this picture shows how the whitewashing gets to be a bit ridiculous.


Eh. Angela Bassett is a fine actress, but CCH Pounder IS Amanda Waller. Period.

That sucks for your mom. I hope she doesn't have to have surgery. I recently had to have minor surgery on my leg because an evil spider decided to bite me. >:( Anyways, hope she feels better no matter what the problem is.

The Green Lantern news cracks me up. When they asked the girl playing Carol if she was going to dye her hair black:

"That's all under discussion," said Lively. "Anything is possible, just not the pink bodysuit, please!"

Honey, you signed on to play a character who becomes a Star Sapphire. Maybe not in this movie, but probably in later ones. I guarantee that if the Green Lanterns are wearing their green/black bodysuits, then you will be wearing some form of a pink bodysuit.

I also have to agree with other comic fans at the moment that while Angela Bassett is a good actress, it would have been nice if they got someone more hefty to play "The Wall".

(Deleted comment)
My mother-in-law had surgery on a torn meniscus last fall. It's a pretty straightforward outpatient sort of deal, but does take a while to heal. She's pretty religious about things like physical therapy, so she was pretty much back to normal in a few weeks. Within a month, she was willing to chase my very active 3-year-old around again.