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A little off-kilter

I am completely confused as to what day of the week it is--I keep thinking it's Monday, because my mother took off work yesterday, and usually if she's home on a weekday, it's a Friday holiday of some kind. So when everyone went to work today--clearly, it's Monday, right?

Sadly, the reason she was home is because she hurt her knee two weeks ago--just stepping down off a curb in high heels, she said, nothing big--but it not only hurts two weeks later, the pain is getting worse. And she talked to a friend who's married to a something-or-other, I don't know, and this friend has suggested that she has torn her meniscus, which will not heal on its own. So FINALLY, after two weeks of me bugging her to no avail, she's going to try to get in to see the doctor, and if that's what it is, she'll have to have surgery. She took yesterday off just to give it time to rest; God knows when the doctor will be able to see her. Of course, the last time she had knee surgery, we caught her up and mopping the kitchen floor that afternoon, so.

Meanwhile, I'm still a little dizzy and chilly-flashy from the medication adjustment, but I already feel tons more alert. I'm also a little disorganized--like before I wasn't alert enough to concentrate, but now I'm too alert. Hm. I think it'll even out.

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