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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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twilight fever
A college friend of mine is interviewing me for something he's writing, and I have reached a question I cannot answer:

Please describe (or link to) any incident where you are aware of your fans engaging in public participatory behavior inspired by your parodies. (I’m thinking of the report where someone shouted “fursplode” during New Moon)

For one, I'm not sure I can confirm that that actually happened. For two--do you guys do anything like that? Have you ever heard anyone else yell anything, or--I don't know, wear t-shirts or buttons or--I don't know! I don't know because I don't know! Help!

Note: For the purposes of this interview, he means behavior specifically referring to my work, not fan work in general. Which is why I'm having a hard time with it.

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(Also every time I see that icon, I think it's a pregnancy test, not a thermometer. =P)

Bella's having a litter?

There are a few TVTropes named after your parodies, but I'm not sure that counts.

Oh god, where did the last two hours go?

Would creating fan pages on Facebook count? It's public.

Hm. Fan pages referring to me?

I have a baseball-style shirt that has a drawing of Alice holding a baseball. The words "It's TIme" are printed on it in a calligraphy style. I wear it often and proudly. And I'm 53 years old.

I do not, however, offer my underwear to Taylor Lautner or hug Robert Pattinson so hard he's dragged in front of a taxi.

Could you define public participatory behavior? I'm not sure what he means by that.

yeah, me neither. Like, we keep quoting her on various Twilight fanfiction sites

I don't personally have any, but a lot of people have user icons with your sayings or whatnots on them. I'm not sure if "internet" counts as "public" though, in this case. Worth considering.

I have actually said, "that chagrins my dazzle" in conversation.

(Deleted comment)
This probably doesn't count, but my ringtone for a certain friend is a recording of her doing "Vengeful dolphins! *dolphin noises*" (It became "public participatory behavior" in that if she called while I was out, everyone became very scared when they heard it.)

Actually, I think that would.

Ummm... My friends and I walk around quoting m15m loudly in public?

(Deleted comment)
I too have done this. At work. While talking to my boss.

(Deleted comment)
I remember the third time I went to see Prisoner of Azkaban, it was at a cheapy theater so there was almost no one there besides myself and my family. My mom and I (and I think my cousin, maybe a friend or two -- it's been so long!) had read your 15 Mins. PoA and LOVED it... so naturally, we were reciting large chunks of it during the movie and cracking up (in very inappropriate places sometimes, haha).

So yes, I would say it does happen! I don't know if that helps with your question (I haven't heard any instances of it beyond my circle of friends/family, sadly!), but that's my personal experience. :) I LOVE your parodies, and really get excited when you post new ones (even if they're of movies I never intend to see, hehe).

So rock on! :D

I bought "Cousins. Definately Cousins" buttons - from you, I think? A cafe press site. GAve them to my fannish girlfriends (they were really well received too, btw)

I have a pin I bought at Dragon*Con that quotes Cassie Claire's Very Secret Diaries: Still Not King

'Death By Dazzling' is one of my favorite catchphrases.

Do those count?

Well, the Cassie Claire thing doesn't because he's asking about me specifically, but the buttons would. : )

The noun fursplosion and the verb to fursplode have certainly become common parlance among the Fen.

Ummm, and the whole thing about doll-Edward telling doll-Eowyn she smelled like simbelmyne touched off a spate of silly japes among my own small local Clan of Elven-geeks of the Olympic Peninsula. We are not so pleased about this whole sparklepire thing, because, dammit, we were the original Glitter-bombers out here, and now everyone assumes glitter=Twilight. Argh.

Heh, there's another word in the fan-lexicon: sparklepire.

So common that it took me quite a while to realize that they originally came from Cleolinda. (i'm a little late to the party over here. :P )

Is this just regarding M15M, or any of your blog/parodies? I can attest a lot of our (Ravelry users') parading around TLE and TLB and photographing them in public was inspired by your Secret Life of Dolls blogs. You can tell bc many times we caption them with EDWARD CULLEN! HELLO IS MY NAME! ;)

I did go out to dinner recently and an acquaintance mentioned your M15M after seeing a retweet. I wish I could remember what she referenced!

Shouldn't you take the 5th and maintain plausible deniability?

Wait wasn't your Phantom 15m being passes around Webber's office and they sent you a thank you note?