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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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twilight lolcat
New Made of Fail! In which DAYNA MEETS WIL WHEATON. I have a feeling my dogs will enjoy this one, probably because they will be the only ones able to hear it. (Happy birthday, queenanthai!)

New Tonner Doctor Who pictures! (Compare to the smaller picture still at the top of the page.) See, I told you that they get sneaky and update the pictures. I just... don't know that you're going to like them any better.

New book from Stephenie Meyer in June! Except that it's a 192-page novella about a character who was in Eclipse for 10 pages and no one cares about. Meanwhile, she said a long while back that she would never write anything similar for Carlisle (the original Cullen who was turned in the 1600s), because that would require research. On the upside, $1 from each copy will go to the Red Cross, or you can read it for free two days later with an option to donate directly. Due to the love-hate embrace these books and I are locked in (let's face it: Twilight-related page hits have been very good to me), I will probably recap it. (Speaking of Things I Have Recapped, apparently a great Twifan cry of "WHAT ABOUT MIDNIGHT SUN????!1?" went up on Twitter.) 

Also, if you make an eyeshadow called Skin of a Killer, I WILL buy it. I will hate myself, but I will do it. FOR SCIENCE.

(IT WAS $11.25 FOR TEN SAMPLES!! With FREE SHIPPING. You can't beat that WITH A STICK!)

(You should probably beat me with a stick, but...)

Today on Tumblr: It's another Victorian/vampire/goth-themed day! Don't miss the amazing Atwood-esque white/violet dress.

Snackfood Deathmatch, Semifinals round 2: Rice Krispies treats vs. cinnamon rolls! Are you ready to rumble?

Ricky Martin is livin' la vida open, says he's gay. I don't know if it's just that I spent yesterday afternoon offline reading, but I'm really not seeing a whole lot of reaction to this. Which is probably the way it should be.

The Domestic Poster for Iron Man 2; Smell Like Tony Stark With Iron Man Cologne.

The whole concept cannot help but beg the question: What exactly does Tony Stark/Iron Man smell like? In our imagination, l'aroma de Stark involves the scent of crisp hundos, mixed with new car smell, motor oil, and Axe body spray. Which is to say masculine and slightly industrial, with just a splash of douchebag.

The original fragrance has been described as "leathery" and "woody" (tee hee) and the Diesel website calls it "a voluptuous and explosive cocktail that bears witness to a man with an identity as strong as it is present, almost magnetic," which sounds pretty much like what I just said.

'Knight and Day' Trailer: Good Cruise or Bad Cruise?

First Look: Angelina Jolie in “Salt.”

Al Pacino's Disturbingly Accurate Jack Kevorkian Impersonation.

Must Watch: Creepy Official UK Red Band Trailer for [Rec] 2!

Will Smith locked for two Independence Day sequels? No. NO. NO! I already did the first one for the book! I AM NOT GOING BACK TO THIS.

Our favorite similes from James Franco's foray into short stories.

The Crafty Frouds Say a Dark Crystal Sequel Still on the Way.

Sofia Vergara Joins "The Smurfs" and "Happy Feet 2."

It's Official - Legendary & Warner Bros Bringing Back Godzilla. To which I can only say: OLD MEME.

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Everyone I've told about the Twilight novella has had the same reaction I did, namely "Who the hell was Bree?" I'm probably going to end up reading it while it's available for free though.

I never finished reading Midnight Sun, I made it about five chapters in before giving up and reading your recap instead.

Wasn't Bree the girl Bella mentally tormented with her fake death for no reason at all?

They look like past Doctors trying to be 'future' Doctors, which is of course an excellent basis for a fanfic. "What in the bloody hell is up with this scarf? I damn near hung myself three times today."

You know, on the subject of Twilight-related page hits, I wonder if I should whore myself out come up with a Twilight joke for the comic... I could always use the traffic bump, after all.

*is shameless*


The thing with the Doctor Who doll that I don't get is...why is he so tan? David Tennant is a very pale man, and it's not like Tonner is incapable of producing paler-toned dolls.

At least the new episode will be on on Saturday.

Um this Smeyer tomfoolery is a complete rip-off of the chapter "The Short Happy Life of Baby Jenks and the Fang Gang" from Queen of the Damned.

Oh, snap--the title format is definitely similar. I thought she said she hadn't read other vampire books?

Cleo, be careful with the Twilight eyeshadow. Don't permanently disfigure yourself FOR SCIENCE.

Also: you may have already seen this, and I'm not sure when it happened, but Vanity Fair seems to be crashing Entertainment Weekly's Twihard party: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood

As for Ricky Martin, I felt like the general consensus on the internet yesterday was "Well, duh. Moving on."

Yeah, once they started having fairly regular features, I put a Watch That Page alert on it. Which I love, because it reaps the benefits of stalking a website for people who don't actually give a shit. (I had a WTP on the Doctor Who Tonner page as well, which is how I found out about the picture change.)

I had not considered how the Twilight Curse might effect a makeup test. But I did get Aromaleigh's Twilight powders and nothing bad happened.

RE: Godzilla and a few comments on Godzilla: Final Wars

After Godzilla: Final Wars (which was awesome and involved a sort of Matrix meets Independence Day meets X-Men and let-me-dazzle-you-bitch Jpop vibe), in which the American Godzilla got it's badly made and spinally incorrect ass beaten through the Sydney Opera House in a battle sequence that lasted all of FIVE SECONDS, and which gained Godzilla himself a standing ovation from the audience at the screening I attended -

You'd think Warner Brothers would learn.

(p.s. I don't think of the fate of the American Godzilla in that movie as a spoiler. Every monster in a Godzilla movie tends to get its ass thoroughly kicked by Godzilla himself. It's what he does. It was also the shortest Godzilla combat sequence I think I've ever seen, which also says something.)

Re: Godzilla and a few comments on Godzilla: Final Wars

I loved the fact that American Godzilla (named by the film-makers as Zilla, because there's nothing godlike about it) was the only cgi monster in that movie. That movie is a thing of beauty.

I love Tonner, but I didn't know that Tony Curtis played Dr. Who. The more you know.

Ha! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who saw that! :D I've been looking at those pictures since they fist got posted and thought fondly of the Persuaders! :D

I still think that the Doctor Who Tonner doll looks more like a young Tony Curtis than DT.

I knew that doll was reminding me of somebody (that wasn't David Tennant)!

Looking at your tumblr (so much pretty!), I think you'll enjoy this person's jewelery: http://faeriedivine.deviantart.com/gallery/

(Deleted comment)
First off, love the Deadpool icon. I use that phrase if it fits with my situation all the time. He's just awesome in general.

I rolled my eyes so hard I sprung something.

You have no idea how hard I laughed at this. I watched the video for Livin' La Vida Loca as a kid and I thought, "That man isn't right". Now I know why. Moving on.

Re: Ricky Martin

The whole reaction was "This is new, how?" It wasn't a big surprise or anything.

(Deleted comment)
Heh, yeah. Well, the Aromaleigh powders didn't do me no harm. I still need to review those, try to take some pictures--I think I originally bought them a year ago.

As far as these eyeshadows go, the Carlisle and Esme shades--I think? The brown and the light pink?--are exactly the kind of colors I wear. I absolutely do not ever wear anything as dark as the Edward and Rosalie, but since I've paid for them, I might as well try to figure out how. (I have very deep-set eyes, wear glasses, and never go out anywhere that heavy makeup would be appropriate. So I tend to stick to light/medium colors, even if I go vivid with them sometimes.)

(Deleted comment)
Love your icon! LOL

(Deleted comment)
My second reaction to the Twilight book was "I wonder if Cleo knows?"

My first reaction was mostly profanity unfit for Teen librarian. I'm not looking forward to buying five copies of this for my library, let alone spending all of June putting the things on hold.