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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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pallas cat - intrigued
So let's talk about the last few days:

Lizzie is being fussy, and I can't figure out why. Mostly I'm having problems with Firefox, which did put out a new version recently. I'll try to right-click for some reason, and the menu will try to come up, but I'll only see a bit of an outline, I can't really get to any of the choices. The same with the drop-down menus. But it's weird--I'll restart Firefox, clear the cache and all, and everything will be fine... but then, ten minutes later, I start having right-click problems again. I ran an AVG virus scan; nothing. I tried to run an error check on the hard drive itself; computer told me "recently installed software" was preventing that from running. I don't really know what to do. That, and TweetDeck sometimes freezes when I try to open it--other times it doesn't. I can't figure out what caused the initial problem was, but I'm afraid it's going to have some kind of domino effect. And the computer not being able to run an error check makes me really uneasy. Part of me want to know what the hell the problem is, and part of me is afraid to ask.

Also, my digital camera died. It's not the batteries. It's just dead. I do have the camera in my phone, I guess, but it doesn't focus well and sometimes colors come out weird (the pictures from April Fool's Day were taken in golden sunlight, and apparently my phone saw the need to put on a blue filter for no reason. Well, we did name it the iBella, I suppose that's why). I'm trying to get back to The Secret Life of Dolls, but some pictures are just going to be impossible because the camera's not good enough. We'll play it by ear.

More importantly, my mother's going to have her entire knee replaced. Turns out she didn't actually twist it at all--she had an x-ray, and the cartilage has just completely disintegrated (the phrase "bone on bone" was used, and I threw a full-body shudder). She's 57, but she's got "the knees of a 70-year-old." (Bad knees run in our family, and she's had problems--and surgery--before.) She was upset initially, but then brightened up: "I'll get a bionic knee and it won't hurt anymore!" Bless. So she's hobbling around in a brace now, on mild painkillers, until she can have the surgery--which might be months from now, because she will absolutely be off work for six weeks, and if it doesn't heal up right, she could be out for up to three months. She'd get paid for the first six weeks, but nothing after that. And she won't be able to drive at all, not for the first few weeks at least. I think she's going to try to have it in late June/early July, so I'm going to see if I can work through my panic attacks and get my driver's license by then. It sounds stupid, but--I know how to physically operate a car. I don't have to learn to drive; I have to learn to be able to drive, if that makes any sense. It's scary, but honestly, this might be the only way to make myself do it--having a concrete need to make it happen.

Meanwhile, tons of fun things on Tumblr. I had another Victorian/Goth day, and will probably have another one on Monday, then Mostly Stuff That Is Purple; for the weekend, we're going with flowers/pink/generally springtime. (I just look at what I've got in my drafts folder and try to grab 8-10 at a time that have some similarity. I just take an hour now and then, go browsing at various sites, throw some new drafts into the pile, and pick and choose later. Right now, I've got about 120 saved.)

Have answered two or three more Formspring questions--I try to keep chipping away at that backlog (54 unanswered, 422 answered. Yes, that means I have answered more than four hundred questions).

Also, we went and saw Clash of the Titans on Friday--here's how much Mom loves the original: we went to the first show on the first day it opened. She loved it. I thought it was the stupidest movie I've seen since Troy, which is to say: AWESOME. Oh my God. There is no scene that Ralph Fiennes is in that is not hilarious; Gemma Arterton is gorgeous (I hear Tonner has licenses for both this AND Prince of Persia, which I guess means they're going to have not one but two dolls of her); and Sam Worthington is like oatmeal. Boring, muscular oatmeal. SERIOUS oatmeal. VERY SERIOUS. As a heart attack, this oatmeal. I just really can't say anymore, though, because I'm trying to see if I can get A Thing out of it. I make no promises.

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Firefox has been a pain here constantly trying to update the same Java script over and over again.

ME TOO! I thought it was just me.

(Deleted comment)
Cyber Tech Help's forums are the best resource for computer trouble, specifically this one. A staff member works with you one-on-one to fix your computer for free. They saved my bacon when I crashed my laptop.

Also? I have anxiety problems with driving as well (BLARGH, CITY DRIVING) so my folks and I used the county fairgrounds to get me used to driving before steadily moving me up through country roads, in-town roads, divided highways, etc. There were also numerous empty oil drums that I got to practice parallel parking on (my parents weren't about to sacrifice one of our nicer cars for science! for drivers' ed).

If I can find a nice graveled car-free bit of space in Kentucky, I'm sure there's one in Alabama, too.

Eurgh, bone on bone. That just makes me spazz out, because in my osteo class, our prof actually took the articulated skeleton, popped the patella out of its place in the wiring and put it directly on the femur, tibia & fibula and the noise it made. It makes me want to run up a tree like a cat.

How was Hans Matheson? I'm not sure how small his role is.

He was my favorite Dude Who Goes Around With Perseus! Well, him and Mads Mikkelsen, who is the Leader Dude (Who Is Not Perseus). He's in it a good bit. And he has a flute!

I'm going to see Clash of the Titans tomorrow, and I am heartened by your summary.

Also, best wishes to your mom, the future Bionic Woman. Do you think she'll start making that awesome NUHNUHNUHNUH sound after the surgery?

DON'T GO SEE IT IN 3D. Apparently they did the cheapest transfer possible and it looks like ass. It looks perfectly fine in 2D--probably better, even.

Oh man, I worry about that with my knee. I've had bad ones since I was a teen.

On the upside? My mom has a bionic hip AND a knee, and CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN LAST YEAR. At age 84. They work great!

If you need any emotional support w/ the driving, lemme know.


Thanks. I have a few strategies I'm going to try. If I can just get my license and get comfortable driving to a handful of key places, that at least would be a help to her.

My sympathies on the driving anxiety. I've got it bad myself. I delayed getting my license for a long time as a result, and I still get panicky at the thought of driving somewhere I haven't been before--and even some places I have been. (Which, now that I'm going to be moving across the country by myself and living by myself, means that I am going to have a series of minor and major meltdowns.)

I did my driving practice in the huge parking lot of a cineplex. Early in the day, of course, and on a weekday. Maybe there's someplace similar you could do your practicing? I mean, it's not an actual road, you'll rarely have to deal with other vehicles, there's lots of open space, there's lines for practicing parking without other cars being around...

So, best to you on that. Seriously.

Frankly if my oatmeal looked like Sam Worthington, I would buy a lot more of it.

Meanwhile, I'm still pissed you pretty much see Hans Matheson's death in the trailer. That man can't get a break.

Especially if oatmeal had an Australian accent.

I was somewhat transfixed by Sam Worthington's thighs, but other than that did not think much of his performance. Oatmeal is probably the right word for it. He took the movie far too seriously, unlike Fiennes and Neeson. (Neeson's such a good actor, he managed not to give the impression he wanted to laugh his head off at some of the stuff they had him saying.)

Man, Neeson and Fiennes COMMITTED to that shit. I seriously do not know how they managed it. Well, probably because when Ralph Fiennes was doing his voiceovers or his closeups or whatever, he wasn't seeing GIANT SCREENHOG HADES the way we do.

Sending good thoughts to your mom's knee!

I think the idea of having a concrete reason for needing to get your license makes sense. My brother put off getting his license until the week before my parents moved 500 miles away, right after he turned 18, because he'd had such a bad experience in driver's ed (the teacher freaked him out, I think). Once he dove in, he decided he really liked driving. You can do it, Cleo!

Also: every time you post a new dress on Tumblr, I swear I have a couture-gasm.

Prayers offered for your mom and for you.

Also, if I could make icons, I would totally be making a "Boring, muscular, SERIOUS oatmeal" icon right now.

I can relate on the panic over driving, I delayed taking lessons for a couple of years because of it. In my case it's mostly because of a, fairly minor, accident we had when I was about 10. It took me a few tries to pass my test due to nerves but it felt pretty damn good to finally pass.

I just got my driver's license at 28 last week after having a permit for 12 years. I have the same issue. It's not operating a car, it's the panic of 'omg what do I do I could hit someone oh no there's a care AUGH!' Honestly, the best way to work through it is to practice somewhere without a lot of traffic and a very supportive teacher.

It took me about three years after I first got my license to get comfortable enough with my anxiety to drive by myself. To this day, I still can't drive on the freeway because my anxiety is too great, but at least there are ways of getting around that. It does take a lot of practice, that's probably the best remedy for it.

Oh yeah! Inspired by somebody selasphorus's comment: Driving around an empty parking lot is super helpful. I'd also recommend a method my dad used on my brother and me: backwards figure eights.

It sounds crazy and scary, but if you can do a good run of backwards figure eights around some lamp posts, it actually is really helpful, because the disorientation of it forces you to really concentrate and be aware of the car and the steering and your proximity to other objects. After that, when you start going forward again, everything else seems like a piece of cake.

I'm kind of relieved I'm not the only one having Firefox trouble(not that I want you to have trouble). It's done the menu outline thing a few times, but mostly it just freezes up/crashes. No viruses, etc., so you're not alone. D:

OH THANK GOD. I just really wanted someone to tell me they were having the same problem, because that suggests that it really is a Firefox issue of some kind. It's been freezing up and crashing a bit as well.