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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Checking in
evil twin
So! Titans are clashing very slowly for a number of reasons, one of them being that I keep getting air pressure headaches from the changeable weather, because apparently I'm one of those Old Folks who creeps around complaining about how their knee's tellin' 'em it's gonna rain. But it rained LIKE HELL last night--so hard it actually woke me up--so that ought to be settled, and also, all the pollen washed away! This is a good thing. Seriously, I walked outside yesterday morning, and the entire deck was a charming shade of yellow. Do not want.

I have pets conspiring to keep me from working, but I'm doing my best to reclaim the couch.

SOMEBODY doesn't want me to start working. on Twitpic

While we're here, I feel like we should document the current state of Sam's fluff before he gets his summer cut this weekend.

Let us document Sam before he gets his summer cut this weekend on Twitpic

Yesterday on Tumblr I had a general blue theme, and today is mostly vampires with a little general goth thrown in. Tomorrow will be a steampunk aesthetic, I think. (While you can use Tumblr for a number of things, my current explanation for it is "Picspam: The Website.")

Meanwhile, I seem to be a nominee for a thing! Specifically, the Author Blog Awards at Completely Novel.

I am pretty sure Cleolilnda and Cleoloinda, Destroyer of Lulz, are going to go conspire against me in an evil lair somewhere (but Cleolilnda will eventually come down with a bad case of remorse and switch sides in penitence). And I hope to lose things to Neil Gaiman for many, many years to come.

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I feel like the only person for whom rain does not make their allergies better. Rain provides no relief. Rain makes things worse. Stupid freaking Ohio River Valley.

Well, I'm still sneezing pretty bad, but the way I look at it is, there's less pollen on the ground/deck for the dogs to roll around in and bring inside.

I want to rub my face in adorable doggy fuzziness. But all I have is a short-haired outdoor cat. (But I loves her anyway.)
Ahh, cleoloindaisgay! But who's Cleolilnda? I think if there is ever a dollter-ego of you in SLOD, that should be its name.

*waves to Sam, helpless before the cute*

Awww, puppies!

Sam's fluff is in much better shape than my dog's fluff was yesterday (poor guy). I am not good about keeping him brushed. When he starts lying on all four feet to keep them away from me I generally cave and leave him alone, but this is a bad long-term strategy.

Allergy season. DO NOT WANT.

I already miss my lovely Florida humidity and lack of allergies. Stupid freaking Ohio and its pollen.

Zyrtec-D is now my daily combat weapon. Must remember to go see new family doctor and start begging for Rx relief and pray I can afford it.

I voted for you and copperbadge, because you are both awesome :D

SAM! *dies from cute*

Congrats on the nomination!

Sam's fluff reminds me of my cat's fluff. I think I should look into getting a summer cut for her, too. Problem is, she tends to growl when people mess with her fur. :/

Love the evil twin icon. Thanks be to Star Trek for helping me recognize such nefariousness.

Someone made that for me, and I nearly DIED.

Thought of you yesterday - I'm going to be helping a friend with an article on the endless stream of remakes (TV and movie) of late. Any recommendations for sources besides the obvious?

I really like Cinematical.com, but if you want to vary your sources a little, firstshowing.net and comingsoon.net are also good. You could probably go to my Twitter feed and search for "remake" or "reboot," honestly. What you'd really want to do is set up Google Reader (if you have a Gmail account), add the RSS feeds of your various movie/TV blogs, and then search whichever term you want ("remake," "remaking," "remakes," etc), and it'll pull up anything with that word in the title or headline. If I were going to do the search for you, that's what I would do.

Yay! I knew you'd be a finalist. :D

Also? SAAAAM. Aw, the little fluffball. ♥

Oh, good, you saw that. I was going to send it to you if I didn't. I probably need to put it in my portfolio anyway. I'm going to try to mail those books to you on Saturday--things are going a bit slow around here. I'm hoping to have The Thing done today, but as sure as I say that, I won't. But I'm to the point where I'm putting all the finished bits in blue, which is a good sign, and I'm coming up with things more easily. I really think the rain clearing up the air pressure has helped.

I just joined Completely Novel and voted for you. :) Because you make my days that much brighter, and I appreciate that. :)

Aw Sam! :D

Don't, DON'T see Secret of Moonacre. Dullest movie ever. I watched it mainly for the costumes (which are indeed awesome and I covet most of them) but even those weren't enough to keep me interested.
Only watch it when you've got something else nearby to keep you occupied (I knit a large chunck of a Hogwarts scarf) because the movie won't be enough.

I find it amusing that there's also a Linda Jones in the list.

I know! I got really confused at first.

I love your tumblr. It has the most pretty pictures. I'm still not accustomed to it yet even though I've had the account for 4 months already.
Oh look doggies! Sam is made of cuteness, seriously.

I get those stupid low pressure headaches all the time. Bloody weather. What helps me most is the little red pills; pseudo-ephedrine. Of course, chocolate, caffeine, and ibuprofen don't hurt.

Good luck with the blog awards!