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Okay... so, I'm actually working on my paper the day before it's due, but the journal database went down for some reason, and I can't access my sources. Okay. So let's kill a little time. So I go over to FW, and there's not one but two posts breaking major rules. They're mostly ass-covering rules: don't post minors' entries, don't post someone else's locked entries, don't troll other communities. We have 100 new members since Crystalwank, and now we have a troll post and a locked-entry post, a few people have gotten concerned, and... I don't know, strictly speaking, who's a mod or maintainer. I feel dumb. But it seems silly to run around wringing my hands and going, "Please, someone official post a few reminders!" when I can get off my own ass and do it myself. I'm fairly diplomatic, so, okay, I'll do it. Please delete this if it's out of line, etc. I didn't want to name names or anything, so I didn't link to the posts in question. So I post.

First response: "And you're quoting the rules back at us... why?"

And what's my main LJ entry today about? The Religion of the Goddess Cleo. *facepalm* God, I look like I'm on such a power trip, don't I? Everyone should have an -ism! Not just me and Deoridhe! Find the goddess within yourself! And all that shit!

ETA: Okay, I've gotten two positive responses. I feel a little better.


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